Why Many Fans of ‘The Voice’ Do Not Miss Adam Levine

Last season, Adam Levine left The Voice — bidding farewell to Blake Shelton and the competition show that largely defined his career for nearly a decade. Levine managed to snag and coach three winners in his tenure on the competition show. He coached winners in season one, five, and nine; and, as you know, Shelton won all the others (with a few exceptions).

Adam Levine of The Voice
Adam Levine performs onstage during VH1’s Super Bowl Fan Jam at Indiana State Fairgrounds, Pepsi Coliseum on February 2, 2012, in Indianapolis, Indiana | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Vh1

Though the show’s shtick entails finding America’s next great voice, as opposed to America’s next great “star”, the series became equally famous — or notorious (depending on who you ask) — for Shelton and Levine’s brotherly dynamic: A bromance that persisted from the beginning, and up trough Levine’s departure. Aside from a tendency to bicker with Shelton — which got a bit old for many fans of The Voice — Levine started to bother fans of the show for a couple of other reasons.

When it comes down to it, though Levine was one of the only coaches to be with the series from the very start, a lot of fans are happy he chose to exit, and they do not wish for his return. A few specific reasons dominate this widespread opinion. 

Let’s start with Adam Levine’s season 15 debacle on ‘The Voice’

Let’s start with Levine’s most infamous decision and work our way back. In season 15 of The Voice, Adam Levine urged voters to save Reagan Strange over Deandre Nico when the former was too sick to sing.

Fans “flipped out” as the Washington Post explains, for they felt Levine threw Nico under the bus, humiliating the performer on live television. Strange won the save, and the show awkwardly tried to ignore this stain on its history moving forward. 

Levine’s actions did not sit well among most fans of The Voice, and many devout enthusiasts argue that the backlash he received was one of the motivating factors that led Levine to exit. However, to put it mildly, this was only the icing on the cake. 

Was Adam Levine growing bitter on ‘The Voice?’

In discussions concerning Levines’e exit, many fans agree that the time was right. Fans still insist that Levine and Shelton made the show what it was (at one time); however, many viewers who are watching now argue that the “...judges are having a much better time,” as if an overbearing tension has been removed from the show. Many feel that, towards the end of his stay, Levine grew bitter and apathetic. Fans stated:

…He was so checked out last season and he really didn’t seem to give a shit about most of his singers.

Reddit User

It seems to me that the judges are having a much better time now. Adam appeared bitter last season. He wasn’t fun to watch.

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With Levine gone, Shelton is the only last coach who has been on the show since the start. While many coaches have come and gone, Levine and Shelton were in it for the long haul. Though Levine may have grown a bit bitter, a bit tired of the series, one cannot deny his importance to the show’s success, and what he added to the series while coaching (especially during the earlier seasons).