Why Marvel Fans Shouldn’t Believe Those Nasty Captain Marvel Rumors

Why does Captain Marvel receive so much controversy?

There’s a definite group of Marvel (and Star Wars) fans who are super hardcore about the franchise. No doubt the decades-long media onslaught of fan-fiction and non-canon novels are the result of those who think they have a right to shift pop culture franchises to their own frames of mind.

In many cases, this means certain groups who want to uphold a certain political philosophy in America. Marvel and Star Wars are very vulnerable to this if you see how certain people become attacked on social media if speaking out against these anti-Marvel/anti-Star Wars groups.

Maybe they don’t hate the companies per se, yet they’re going after certain directors and characters. Brie Larson and her Captain Marvel character are now one unfortunate example.

One particular group is pushing forward false rumors about Captain Marvel

Actress Brie Larson attends a panel during the 'Kong: Skull Island' cast presentation.
Brie Larson | Noam Galai/WireImage

You might have seen a recent headline floating around about how Marvel supposedly “lost confidence” in Larson and Captain Marvel, leading them to consider dropping her and the character from the MCU.

Fortunately, we have various media services out there who take the time to scope out truth amid a bevy of what we can call real fake news. Some of the fake headlines like this are being generated over at YouTube where a few media outlets run with these stories, hence ending up in your news feeds.

Inverse is one source recently outing the source of this erroneous Captain Marvel story. They found out the place generating this false Larson headline was on a YouTube channel called Overlord DVD (short for aptly named Dicktor Van Doomcock) where misogynist opinions about movie pop culture are a little too common.

What we want to know is how a story from a controversial YouTube channel ends up making it to national headlines. It also makes us wonder if Larson really wants to keep putting up with the contingent of male fans who thought she wasn’t the right choice for Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers.

Marvel is firmly committed to Larson’s take, but is Larson?

All of us at The Cheat Sheet join in on condemning any media service upholding these sexist Captain Marvel rumors. Even sources like We Got This Covered have gone after it and pinpointed the headline origins. However, there aren’t nearly enough outlets reporting the truth in this story.

One thing we know for sure is Marvel is definitely sticking with Larson as Captain Marvel, including an eventual sequel during Phase Four. Besides, the chances are small they’d break a contract with Larson she signed for five Marvel films.

This is the only truth we know, despite the above YouTube channel moving forward a theory Marvel wanted to pair Captain Marvel with Spider-Man to make her more likable. Some media sources think there could be kernels of truth to this, but we shouldn’t assume any of it as truth without official confirmation.

We should all be worried if there are more organized online groups creating forceful enough headlines to take a life of their own.

Should we deem this pop culture rumor a case of hateful slander?

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When you see groups directly on YouTube spouting unfounded rumors and upending truth to uphold their agenda, you have to give it a name so it’s easier to identify. Nobody should be afraid to call it to rumor mill slander since it’s being done in a forceful enough way where it makes it into the mainstream for massive misinformation.

Maybe the old toxic fandom theory of going through a six-point system to destroy franchises they can’t control is right after all. The lack of respect for the creative decisions of Marvel and Star Wars is still a little staggering, and now there’s literally a pop culture war at play to make one side a reality.

The good news is spreading falsities doesn’t lead to reality, even if there is a danger of actors like Larson possibly thinking there are internal studio conspiracies going on beyond her knowledge.