Why Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Have Been Hanging Out More

Following months of constant feud rumors between the two, it seems like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are getting closer. In July alone, they got together for baby Archie Harrison’s christening, attended a polo match between Prince William and Prince Harry, and hit up Wimbledon, where the Duchess of Cambridge comforted the former actress after her BFF Serena Williams lost. 

But it might not be what it seems. A new report says the moments are part of a total PR stunt, created to stifle the rumors of tension between the royals.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle | Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images

A quick recap of Markle and Middleton’s reported feud

The reported feud has been going on since Markle agreed to marry Prince Harry in late 2017. Prince William reportedly believed that his brother’s relationship with the actress was moving too fast. And when he expressed those concerns, they had a falling out. 

Naturally, the duchesses got caught in the crosshairs. But now it appears that they’re ready to let bygones be bygones and start over.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl questions those efforts

In a July 17 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Nicholl said that their recent outings “hopefully put to rest the rumors that Kate and Meghan don’t get along because they certainly look like two duchesses who had plenty in common.”

“There have been two major circumstances, which are very calculated and deliberate efforts to try and stem these rumors about a feud between the foursome,” Nicholl said of Markle, Middleton, and their husbands Prince Harry and Prince William. She pointed to the polo match between the dukes, where photographers snapped photos of them and their wives. She said the pictures were “quite deliberately intended to snuff out those rumors of the feud between the foursome.” She added, “And you saw them all very close, very happy, very comfortable with each other.”

Nicholl also had something to say about Wimbledon. “We saw [them] in the royal box getting along, chatting to each other, looking very much like friends,” Nicholl explained. “To have had the tennis [outing] so soon afterward, and obviously the two duchesses being so close together and so comfortable in each other’s company, yes, for the time being, you’re not going to be read stories of a feud.”

“You’re going to be reading stories about how the duchesses get on and I am told that both of them are making an effort to get along,” she added.

But she says at least one thing has helped them warm up to each other

Now that Markle is a mom, she and the mother-of-three have gotten closer, according to Nicholl. “Certainly Archie has brought them closer,” she told the publication. She added that the moms “will be certainly spending some time together over the summer.”

Nicholl had previously told ET that Middleton had offered some advice to her sister-in-law following Archie’s arrival. ” I hear that Kate has made herself available to Meghan if she needs advice if she needs any help. And Kate said to her, ‘I’m here. I’m here for you,’” she told the outlet.

On one hand, that’s really sweet. On the other, we don’t know what to believe.