Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Are Having a Harder Time Picking Baby Sussex’s Name

People around the world are keeping their eyes closely fixated on Meghan Markle’s baby bump, as she could go into labor any day now. The arrival of Baby Sussex is probably the most anticipated birth of 2019, and the entire world will go into a frenzy when it finally happens.

With royal betters and fans speculating on the baby’s gender, birth weight, and even what color hair he or she is likely to have, we know for sure that everyone can’t wait to find out what name Meghan and Prince Harry will ultimately choose.

Kate Middleton and Prince William gave all three of theirĀ children traditional royal names that didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. So, why is it that Meghan and Harry are having a harder time choosing a name for their new son or daughter?

The name doesn’t necessarily need to be traditional

With so many people offering up suggestions for a traditional name, we may have almost forgotten that the name of Baby Sussex does not need to be! Fans are speculating names such as Elizabeth, Alice, Diana, or Philip.

While any of those names would be absolutely lovely, we should keep in mind that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can be a little more traditional with the name that they end up choosing! Perhaps they’d prefer a more modern name, such a Taylor for a girl or Noah for a boy. How adorable would either of those be?

Meghan and Harry will choose a name that is common in England and America

We also must keep in mind the fact that Meghan is from the United States, so the new baby will need a moniker that can be easily pronounced in both countries! While British names such as Philipa, Freya, or Amelia would be great, a name like that would most likely be often mispronounced in America.

Meghan and Harry are going to want to make sure that they pick a name that both American and British people will be able to pronounce properly. 

What names are in the running?

While Meghan and Harry haven’t made any official announcements as to which names they are considering, we are sure that they are spending a great deal of time choosing one. Royal betters are going wild, with people putting odds on names such as Victoria, Mary, Alexandra, and even Elizabeth should the baby be a girl, and Alexander, James, or Albert should Meghan give birth to a baby boy.

Other names that the royal couple may be thinking about? Well, we can all remember when a young fan suggested the name Amy for a girl! Perhaps they will choose to honor Meghan’s mother, and call a baby girl Doria. Or, if they welcome a new baby boy, they may choose to call him Spencer, which is Princess Diana’s last name. 

Why are Harry and Meghan having a harder time choosing a name?

When we think back to the three times that Kate Middleton was expecting a baby, we will remember that while there were odds being given, it didn’t seem to be so difficult for Kate and William to chose a name. This is because as the future king and queen, they were expected to give their baby a very traditional royal name.

Harry and Meghan, on the other hand, have a little more freedom when choosing a name. Their options are not nearly as limited, and they are even free to be a little creative if they would like! Only time will tell which name the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will decide on for their new arrival, but whatever it is, we are sure to love it!