Here’s Why Meghan Markle Will Likely Announce Another Pregnancy Sooner Rather Than Later

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had a whirlwind romance since they first began dating back in 2016, and it’s been at the expense of a lot of negative press on Meghan’s end. The duke and duchess have already welcomed one son, Archie Harrison, and the public is on its toes wondering when the couple will announce another pregnancy. But there are a lot of reasons why Meghan and Harry will likely announce another baby sooner rather than later.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Harry and Meghan welcomed their first son in May 2019

This royal couple only started dating in 2016, but ever since then, everything has been on the fast track. They dated for about a year and a half before announcing their engagement in November 2017. And from there, they planned a wedding in six months and wed in May 2018. Those close to the family said the couple wanted to start having kids right away, and the rumors were true; Meghan and Harry announced a pregnancy in October 2018. They welcomed their first son, Archie, only about a year after they wed — in May 2019. And now, the public is patiently waiting to hear that a second baby is on the way.

The couple only wants two kids, and they probably want them to be close in age

Harry made it clear over the summer that he only wants two kids, since he fears overpopulation could hurt the environment. When speaking with activist and scientist Jane Goodall, Harry said he only wants two kids “maximum.” It’s safe to assume that Harry and Meghan want their kids to grow up close in age — Harry was only a few years younger than William, and the two were thick as thieves when they were younger. Meghan, on the other hand, was far younger than her half siblings, and today, she doesn’t have a relationship with them at all. It would make sense that Harry wants his own children to have the same relationship he had with William growing up. In that case, the two will probably not wait much longer to get pregnant again.

Meghan’s age could play a role in wanting another baby fairly soon

Though Meghan is still in her 30s and definitely young enough to have a healthy baby, science does show that fertility starts to decline after age 35. Meghan just turned 38 in August, so if she wants the greatest chance of a healthy pregnancy, she and Harry are probably considering having another very soon. Meghan got pregnant very easily with Archie, which means she clearly doesn’t seem to be dealing with any fertility issues, though in most women, the longer you wait to have kids past 35, the lower the chance of successfully getting pregnant.

The Sussex family likely wants their kids to grow up with the Cambridge kids

Despite the rumors that the Sussex and Cambridge families don’t get along, it’s very likely that Harry and William still want their kids to grow up together. Prince William and Kate Middleton have three kids under the age of seven, and Harry and Meghan probably want their children to have a strong bond with their cousins. This gives Harry and Meghan another reason to have a baby soon; if the kids grow up close in age, they’ll have a lot in common and probably develop a strong cousin relationship.