Meghan Markle Is Worried That Archie Will Lack Social Skills

Being a royal or being a celebrity can both sound glamorous. When you are Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex the epitome of a power couple who are both royal and celebrities, life should be even better, right? Not so much.

Maintaining some level of privacy and normalcy can be very isolating, particularly when you are trying to shield your young child from the relentless paparazzi. Let’s not even get into the hateful mom-shaming triggered by photos on social media.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images

While the rest of the world has playdates, or at least they did before lockdown, the pool of people who are not out to simply rub shoulders with fame or sell a story can feel infinitesimal. With only his parents and grandmother Doria for playmates in their secluded L.A. mansion, it’s no wonder that Meghan is concerned about Archie’s social skills. After all, peer-to-peer interaction for preschoolers helps them learn about empathy, sharing, cooperation, and problem-solving. 

No parent and child classes for Meghan and Archie

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According to Travel and Leisure, Prince Harry and family are safely ensconced in the 22-acre Los Angeles estate belonging to Tyler Perry. That doesn’t provide much in the way of opportunity for Archie to play with neighboring children. Nor did their previous $14 million rental on Vancouver Island.

If the Daily Mail is right, Meghan is worried that the lack of interactive play with other toddlers could impact Archie’s social development. She wished that she could participate in a class where he could be around other children, but has lamented that even if COVID-19 wasn’t a factor, participating in a parent and child class would be impossible for them.

Could an L.A. preschool be the answer?

There are many nice private schools in LA that are well-versed in dealing with famous offspring. Bustle speculates that the private preschool and primary school Meghan attended, Hollywood Schoolhouse, is an option, as is the Center for Early Education where Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kids have been enrolled. Either option could be very beneficial to Archie’s socialization skills, as these schools understand the unique, albeit privileged, circumstances that their charges face. 

It could be a little premature to start predicting which school the young prince will attend. After all, his parents haven’t actually settled anywhere yet. They are still renting, presumably while Prince Harry gets accustomed to life out of the restrictive royal fold.

Isolation from his famous cousins and great-grandparents isn’t helping.

The Express published that the queen and Prince Philip worry that they will never see little Archie again. They were looking forward to a visit this summer, although with the ongoing pandemic and restrictions for people traveling to the U.K. from America, as detailed by Forbes, it isn’t looking likely. Having time with his young cousins could be a positive experience for Archie, especially since Prince Louis is only one year older. 

Even though Meghan and Prince Harry live a life that is outside of the wildest imaginings of most of us, it’s hard not to identify with her very relatable concerns about her young son. Add to that the pressure of protecting him from the trolls on social media and the same group that chased his famous grandmother to her untimely death while trying to get that million-dollar shot, and it is not something most of us would wish on anyone.

The next time you see the rich and famous on television and think that they must have it made, consider the freedom we have as just one of the masses to go where we want without being hounded and let our children grow up with some normalcy.