Why Meghan Markle Could Find Life in the Royal Family Harder Than Princess Diana

Since marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has quickly discovered how her every move is scrutinized. She can barely go a day without the critics pouncing on her request for privacy or the mom-shamers coming after her for the way she holds her baby, Archie. One expert asserts that royal life could be even harder for Markle than it was for Princess Diana.

Meghan Markle at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2019
Meghan Markle | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

Markle is always in the spotlight

Markle finds herself being scrutinized for every move she makes and the whole thing is amplified by social media, where everyone can weigh in on what she’s doing right or wrong. As these things go, people tend to focus more on the negative comments than the positive.

ITV’s former Royal editor, Tim Ewart, noted during an appearance on Yahoo’s The Royal Box podcast that Prince Harry probably couldn’t have prepared her for the scrutiny of being in the spotlight, even though she comes from Hollywood, because “she wasn’t hunted by the paparazzi.”

Ewart remarked that she’s in a different ball game now, sharing: “This Royal Family is beyond anything she could ever have expected and it will be very, very difficult for Harry, as it was with William and Kate, to explain just how intense that is.”

Ewart further shared that “every single expression, movement, comment” earns unwanted attention and headlines. Additionally, since everyone has a cell phone, Markle is captured in photos and video, as he noted: “When it was Diana, there were photographers, there were camera men, people weren’t using smart phones.”

He continued, “Every single word that is said, doesn’t matter where the TV cameras are, doesn’t matter where the snappers, the photographers, they can be anywhere. But every single person has got their phone up or their iPad up, nothing is private anymore.”

Case in point, Markle was captured on video at The Lion King premiere talking with Pharrell, where she remarked that the pubic and media “don’t make it easy” for her.

Is Markle reaching her ‘breaking point’?

Markle appears to handle the spotlight quite well, but one royal expert believes she might reach a “breaking point” where it becomes too much.

Royal reporter Victoria Arbiter told Today: “As far as her American fans go, there has been a sense there’s not been enough done to protect her — at some point, you have to wonder what is going to be the breaking point.”

Arbiter further shared: “Yes, she keeps on trucking at the moment but it can’t be anything but incredibly difficult. We need to let Meghan blossom and let her do the job she’s in the Royal Family to do and perhaps hold back on some of the criticism.”

In speaking on the Royal Box podcast, Arbiter said that Americans “love the Royal Family” and Markle especially, as she’s “one of their own behind Palace walls.” That said, her fans “feel that the Royal Family hasn’t done enough to protect Meghan.”

She continued, “They find it hard to understand the Royal Family’s philosophy of ‘we don’t say anything because all that does is perpetuate the story.’ There’s a sense there that she’s been under attack and that someone should have stood up and defended her.”