Why Meghan Markle and Serena Williams’ Friendship is the Kind Every Woman Needs

Meghan Markle receives a ton of criticism from the press almost daily. But when people ask those in the duchess’ social circle what she’s actually like, they have nothing but great things to say about her. Meghan has always been open about her friendship with tennis star Serena Williams, and since the duchess has married Prince Harry, she’s continued to support her best friend when possible. Here’s why their friendship is the kind every woman needs.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle supports Serena Williams at Wimbledon in June 2019.| Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images

Despite their entirely different lives, Serena and Meghan have remained very close

It’s not every day your best friend becomes royalty. And when Meghan married Harry, nobody would have been surprised if she completely lost touch with her friends. Meghan and actress Priyanka Chopra were very close a couple years back, but they’ve both followed entirely different paths that have distanced them a bit (although Priyanka still took the time to meet Archie when she was over in Europe for Joe Jonas’ wedding). However, Serena and Meghan seem to have only grown closer since she became royalty, and that could be because Serena has become someone for Meghan to lean on.

Serena threw Meghan an incredible baby shower in New York City

It’s clear the two have a friendship that can’t be broken. Although Meghan has taken on plenty of royal duties since marrying Harry and hardly has time to relax, Serena went ahead and threw the duchess a massive baby shower in New York City, which consisted of all of Meghan’s closest friends living in the United States. Meghan received criticism for attending the baby shower and spending five days in New York, but Serena likely could see the duchess needed to be around people who love and respect her; she wanted Meghan to remember plenty of people are here for her regardless of what the press has to say. 

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle returned to New York City in February 2019 for a baby shower | Gotham/GC Images

Meghan has supported Serena at tennis matches, despite facing criticism

Serena is arguably the best female tennis player in the world, and Meghan has made sure to be there to support her best friend during what’s important to her — tennis matches. Meghan attended Wimbledon on two separate occasions, though during one, she received harsh criticism for allegedly asking people to stop taking photos of her. Now, Meghan is taking a quick trip to New York City to watch Serena compete for another major title in the U.S. Open. Again, she will likely receive criticism for the unplanned trip on a private jet, but she wants to support her bestie in any way she can.

Serena has continued to be a rock for Meghan through all of the criticism — something every woman deserves

Ever since Meghan married Harry, the press has been relentless in its words about the duchess. There have been countless stories published about Meghan causing problems within the royal family. Media outlets have claimed she is a social climber; she’s been criticized for spending too much money, severing ties with her family in the U.S., and plenty of other things. But through it all, Serena has been there for her. They root for each other, they help each other through their problems, and they make time to see each other regardless of how crazy their lives are. It’s clear this duo’s friendship is a bond that they’ll have forever, and every woman deserves to have a girlfriend they can lean on when times get tough.