Why Meghan Markle Thinks Prince Andrew Is the ‘Ultimate Embarrassing Uncle’

There’s no question the royal family has had their share of family troubles lately. From the issues between Prince William and Prince Harry and the unknown status of the relationship between their wives, the royal family has appeared anything but close. 

And then there’s everything surrounding Prince Andrew. Not only does the second-born son of Queen Elizabeth have some serious PR issues, he recently stepped down from his royal duties.

Now it looks like Meghan Markle, who’s no stranger to bad PR herself, seems to have an opinion on the disgraced prince, reportedly calling him the ultimate embarrassing uncle. 

Prince Andrew has once again become the black sheep of the royal family

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Andrew has seen a lot of bad press over the past several decades. From his relationship with Koo Stark, who starred in a soft-core porn film, to the cheating scandal that rocked and ultimately ended his marriage, Prince Andrew has always had a knack for generating bad publicity. 

But the latest allegations surrounding Prince Andrew are arguably the most scandalous and most serious charges that the prince has ever had to face. After Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking, the world began to question some of his closest relationships. From politicians to Hollywood elites, there were some troubling names that were once considered friends of the disgraced financier. 

But even with Prince Andrew’s troubled past, it was hard to imagine he took part in any illegal activity involving Epstein and the serious allegations. However, one ill-received and confusing interview brought doubt to the 59-year-old’s innocence.

As a result of the poorly received interview, Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties and has taken a less public role in the family. 

Why Meghan Markle thinks Prince Andrew is the ‘Ultimate Embarrassing Uncle’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently made a big move by giving up their royal responsibilities and choosing to spend the majority of their time in the United States. With the move comes freedom from some of the royal pressures, and hopefully, a little less coverage from the press. 

But recently, a friend of the duchess spoke out that there appears to be another benefit that came from the couple moving across the pond and away from the royal family. A source told the Sun that Meghan is happy to have some distance between her family and “the ultimate embarrassing uncle.”

Not only does Meghan think poorly about the ongoing scandal revolving around her uncle, it also appears that he’s never been too welcoming to the former Suits star.

The source told The Sun that the prince was “stuffy and pompous” to Meghan during their interactions. 

Will Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew meet up at the royal wedding?

One major distraction that has helped deflect some attention off of Prince Andrew, and yes, Megxit is the upcoming wedding of Princess Beatrice. The princess is set to marry property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi this spring. The last time the royal family had a wedding to celebrate was when Prince Harry and Meghan got married in 2018. 

But while the wedding is a reason to celebrate and bring the family together, there is naturally a lot of coverage over the wedding, being that Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew. Since the couple announced their engagement, the public has speculated over whether her father would be there and whether he would walk his daughter down the aisle. 

The royal family officially put rest to any discussion regarding Prince Andrew’s role in his daughter’s wedding. They officially announced that Prince Andrew will walk Princess Beatrice down the aisle. 

However, there are still lingering questions about the ceremony. Most notably, will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make the trip to attend the wedding? No official word on that yet. There is one thing for sure, the world will be closely watching to see just who’s in attendance when the wedding happens on May 29.