Why Meghan Markle Was Prepared for the Worst Before Meeting Prince William

With the whirlwind romance surrounding Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, it was no wonder that he was eager for her to meet his family. However, Meghan was a bit skeptical about meeting Prince William and expected him to grill her about the love affair. With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now relieved of their royal duties, the reports of those first meetings are as intriguing as ever. 

A whirlwind romance

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Prince Harry and Meghan’s romance started with a blind date in the summer of 2016 and quickly escalated. After only meeting up a handful of times, the pair escaped to Botswana.

While the relationship was still under wraps at this point, the two lovebirds could get to know one another without the glare of the spotlight. Hello Magazine reports that news of the couple went public in October, with an official confirmation shortly thereafter.

Much of early 2017 was spent trying to get glimpses of the couple before their official debut at the Invictus Games in September. Finally, their engagement announcement occurred at the end of November 2017, following months of speculation.  

How Meghan met the royal family

Filled with romance and time away from the spotlight, the couple’s time in Botswana couldn’t last forever. Reality came crashing down, and it was time for Meghan to meet the family. 

The Insider reports that before their first formal sit down with the Queen, the couple “bumped into” her a few months prior. Even with that accidental meeting, Meghan was still very nervous.

However, the visit went well, with the Queen making the couple feel relaxed and at ease. She gave her approval and was happy to see her grandson so in love.

The same couldn’t be said for Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William.

Meghan’s tense meeting with Prince William

Meghan was anxious to meet her future brother-in-law. According to US Weekly, she expected him to be hard on her and ask a lot of questions. However, reports show that the meeting went well, and Prince William was delighted his brother had met someone he cared about. 

He did tell Prince Harry to take his time and get to know Meghan. But that didn’t go over well as Prince Harry did not wish to heed that advice. Prince William was only looking out for his brother, wanting him to take it slowly, making sure he was in love with Meghan, not just lusting after her. 

Royal experts assert that Prince William did the same thing during his relationship with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Wanting to make sure she was the one for him, he ended their relationship on two separate occasions, only to determine she was, indeed, his match.

However, Prince William’s concern for his brother caused a rift in their own relationship. Prince Harry did not take the criticism well, and it has since caused tension within the family. 

Where are the Sussexes now?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

The pressure and scrutiny surrounding the royal family was too much for Prince Harry and Meghan. In January 2020, the couple announced that they would step down from their royal duties.

No longer relying on public funds, the pair lived in Canada for a bit before settling down in California. The decision was reportedly made to get out of the limelight and raise their family without the prying eyes of the press.  

While the family bond is still a bit strained due to the move, US Weekly reports that Prince Harry is relying on Prince William as he struggles to adjust to his new lifestyle. Whatever the circumstances, one thing’s for sure, Prince Harry and Meghan are sure to hit the news wherever they go.