Why is Melissa Gorga From ‘Real Housewives’ Selling Her New Jersey Home?

Melissa Gorga is a popular cast member on the Bravo show Real Housewives of New Jersey. But outside the show, she’s been trying to sell her house for a long time. She and her husband, Joe Gorga, first put it on the market several years ago. Then it was off for a while, and now it’s been back on for more than six months. But why does the Real Housewives star want to move? There have been some rumors, but she set the record straight.

Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

Gorga’s home was built in 2009 in the same town as her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice

Gorga’s home is a whopping 9,500 square feet and sits on one of the most prestigious streets in Montville, N.J. Stoney Pond Way, where the home is located, is full of homes that look just like hers. According to the Zillow listing, the home features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a slew of other amenities. Gorga said on her first season of filming Real Housewives that her husband surprised her with the plans for the home. The couple built the home in 2009, but 10 years later, they’re ready to move. However, since Gorga first listed it, she’s been battling rumors about why her home is for sale.

When she first put her home on the market, there were rumors it was because she didn’t want her kids growing up in the same town as Giudice’s children

Gorga first tried to sell her home soon after she appeared on the show, when things between her brother and Teresa were not going well (back in 2014). At the time, there were rumors that the Giudice family was the reason the Gorgas were selling their home. However, Gorga never said those claims were true. Instead, she moved her family to Franklin Lakes after she and her husband agreed on a lease-purchase agreement with a tenant. However, the agreement fell through, and the couple never ended up selling their house. Three years later, they tried to sell again.

Then, sources said Gorga and her husband could no longer afford their home

When Gorga and her husband put the home on the market once again in 2017, the rumors swirled for a different reason. People thought Gorga and her husband were in financial trouble, which is why they were trying to sell the home. Gossip websites suggest Gorga couldn’t afford to keep up with the home’s payments, but Gorga has denied having any financial trouble. Apparently, the reason she wants to sell the home is because of her children.

But Gorga says it’s because they want to be closer to where their kids will go to high school

Gorga said in an interview with ET Online that she’s selling her home because her children plan to go to high school in a different town. “… Most of my kids are gonna go to a high school in another town. So, eventually we’d like to make our way toward the town that our kids are going to high school too,” she said. Gorga also said that her relationship with her sister-in-law has improved greatly since she was first on the show. The move doesn’t appear to have anything to do with her relationship with Teresa, and Gorga finally set the record straight.

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