Why Miami Police Picked Up Rapper DaBaby

For the past few weeks, DaBaby was trending for his music, his random acts of generosity, and that leaked nude photo that everyone thought was him. While the jury of Twitter is still out on that last one, he’s now back in the news for something else. It’s been reported that the rapper was detained by the Miami-Dade Police Department today. What’s going on?

Rapper DaBaby
Rapper DaBaby performs at Rolling Loud Festival | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Was DaBaby involved in a crime?

The 28-year-old artist—whose real name is Jonathan Kirk—was caught on film being handcuffed and shuffled to a police cruiser in Miami, Florida. According to ABC News, he was taken down to police headquarters to be questioned about a robbery.

A police spokesperson told the outlet that the criminal investigation is ongoing, but the rapper was detained and brought in to be interrogated.

TMZ obtained footage of the rapper in cuffs and being escorted by several officers and in a separate video, the alleged robbery is shown in progress. Per TMZ, members of DaBaby’s crew are accused of assaulting a man and taking his possessions.

The clip shows a man getting dragged on the ground as his belongings are tossed out and/or taken. However, the rapper is not seen in the video of the alleged crime and Miami police say DaBaby has not been arrested or charged.

The rapper was in Miami to host and celebrate New Year’s at Story Nightclub along with Diddy and D.J. Khaled. The venue was packed with celebrities as well as local partygoers, and DaBaby was on deck to perform and party.

DaBaby also had a brush with the law near Christmas

Two days before Christmas, the rapper performed in his hometown of Charlotte and following the concert, he was cited for marijuana possession.

According to CNN, police working security at the show noticed the smell of marijuana coming from a vehicle that DaBaby was seen riding in earlier as a passenger. They searched it–which according to them, was legal–and confronted the rapper after the show about the presence of weed in the car.

He refused to talk to officers, but they then handcuffed the rapper and took him to the sheriff’s office. Instead of arresting him however, officers decided to issue him citations.

DaBaby took to social media to protest his treatment by law enforcement and he told local reporters that he’s always unfairly targeted when he visits his hometown. “Absolutely. Every time I come here, every time. They follow me, they pull us over for no reason, they search our cars, they do everything. They treat us like animals.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is supposed to be looking into the incident through an internal affairs investigation.

Fans have been showing their support

In light of the recent incident with DaBaby, fans are hitting his Instagram page with words of support, posting messages such as “freedababy.” Again, there is no official word that he or anyone in his entourage have been charged with a crime, so fans will have to wait and see how things shake out.