Why Michael Fassbender is About to Have His Biggest Year Yet

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Michael Fassbender has enjoyed a pretty impressive career so far, but the next year is set to be his biggest yet. In case there were any lingering doubts about his A-list status, the X-Men star is about to officially cement his spot with an acclaimed turn in Steve Jobs this fall and four more notable films hitting theaters in 2016.

Fassbender’s cinematic tour de force kicks off in October, with the highly anticipated Steve Jobs. The biopic, written by Aaron Sorkin, saw its fair share of problems and had a number of leading men (including Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale) attached before the eponymous role eventually went to Fassbender. The casting garnered mixed reactions, but the actor is proving himself more than worthy of the part.

The movie made its world debut at Telluride in September and Fassbender is already earning rave reviews for his portrayal. “He completely owns the screen for the film’s 125-minute running time,” Variety wrote while The Hollywood Reporter stated, “While Fassbender doesn’t closely physically resemble [Jobs], he fully delivers the essentials of how we have come to perceive the man.” With his performance earning widespread acclamation, critics are already putting the actor at the top of this year’s Best Actor Oscar race.

While we’ll have to stay tuned to see whether an Academy Award nod really is in his future, Fassbender is clearly in for some attention during award season this fall – and that’s just the beginning of a slew of back-to-back high-profile projects for the actor.

This December, Fassbender also stars in the Shakespeare adaptation, Macbeth. The upcoming movie, which features the actor in the titular role, premiered in Cannes in May and earned an overwhelmingly positive reception. Fassbender’s individual performance was highly lauded, with THR calling it “award-worthy.”

The actor will follow up his award-friendly roles in this year’s Steve Jobs and Macbeth with several major blockbusters in 2016. Next year, he’ll star in X-Men: Apocalypse (which is expected to be even bigger than Fassbender’s highest-earning project to date, X-Men: Days Of Future Past) in May. He’ll also lead another potential franchise, with the long-gestating action-adventure film, Assassin’s Creed, based on the video game series of the same name.

Outside of the action genre, Fassbender will star in the highly anticipated, Derek Cianfrance-directed film adaptation of The Light Between Oceans. Based on the bestselling book of the same name, the movie will star the actor as lighthouse keeper, Tom Sherbourne, who lives on the remote Janus Rock in Australia with his young wife when they rescue a baby infant in a boat and are tempted to keep it as their own.

Also on Fassbender’s list of upcoming dramas? He’s set to appear in the action crime drama, Trespass Against Us, as well as an in untitled Terrence Malick project that will co-star Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, and Cate Blanchett.

Given the many diverse projects he has on the horizon, it’s clear that Fassbender is on the verge of having a banner year career-wise. After this year, it seems safe to say that the talented actor will have cemented himself as a full-blown Hollywood star. And with plans to reprise his role in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2 and ongoing negotiations to star in the adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s crime novel, The Snowman, it looks like we can count on Fassbender to continue his winning streak well into 2017.

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