Why Moving to Windsor is a Good Thing for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for their new baby to arrive, they are gearing up for a few more big life changes. In addition to splitting houses from Prince William and Kate Middleton, the royal pair are also moving to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor estate.

The home is just about 25 miles outside of London and will allow Markle and Harry to be closer to The Queen. It is also the location where the couple had their engagement photos taken and where they hosted their reception after their wedding.

Backlash against the news

Since the media caught wind of Markle and Harry considering splitting households from William and Middleton, the royals have received a lot of backlash. Many news sites have said that it is Markle who has brought about all of this change, but the Queen has actually been in full support.

“Queen Elizabeth II has agreed to the creation of a new household for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, following their marriage in May last year,” Kensington Palace told Us Weekly. The household, which will be created with the support of The Queen and The Prince of Wales, will be established in the spring.”

And the move has been in the works for quite some time.

“This long-planned move will ensure that permanent support arrangements for the duke and duchess’ work are in place as they start their family and move to their official residence at Frogmore Cottage,” the statement continued.

Why Markle and Harry’s move is a good thing

Those close to the royal pair believe this move will be good for the couple. One source told People that the move “is a really healthy thing to do.”

“I presume it must be nice to get out and away,” the source continued. “Without neighbors who are all either family or staff, they will now have their own thing.”

What rennovations have been done to Frogmore Cottage?

The Sussex’ new home will have 10 bedrooms, more than enough for Markle and Harry to continue to grow as a family.

The home “will include an eco-friendly green energy unit” and “two conservatory extensions and extensive landscaping so baby Sussex will have privacy,” sources told Entertainment Tonight.

Since deciding to move into the home, Markle has gotten to work on decorating. Interior designers Vicky Charles and Julia Corden are also on board to help with the home’s decoration.

“The couple is really excited about the impending birth,” the source continued. “Windsor was the perfect fit for Harry and Meghan. The 10-bedroom house has more space for children when they expand their family and of course has a special place in their hearts.”

Markle and Harry’s baby is due at the end of April or early May. The couple is set to move into their new home in the next few weeks, pending the completion of the renovations.

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