Why Nick Jonas Once Cried Over Priyanka Chopra

Admit it: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are seriously one of the cutest celebrity couples ever. When they’re not gushing about each other to the press, they’re taking sweet selfies and jealousy-inducing vacations to the most romantic places. But the best thing about them is their support for each other.

Chopra actually just opened up about a time Jonas visited the set of her film The Sky Is Pink to support her ahead of their wedding. But things got emotional. Apparently, the singer cried while watching her in an emotional scene.

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Nick Jonas
Priyanka Chopra-Jonas and Nick Jonas | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

More on the movie

Chopra stars in the film as a mother who struggles emotionally and financially as her child battles a serious immune deficiency.

“It’s so funny because I was filming this until at least four days before my wedding,” Chopra told People at the Toronto International Film Festival. She and director Shonali Bose explained that Jonas was invited to the set on the last day of filming before their nuptials and that he teared up during a “very, very intense scene.”

“But he came a little early and we were out in the dark and she was doing a very, very intense scene and I heard a sniff and I suddenly turned and there was Nick standing next to me and he was just crying to see her be emotional,” Bose said. “It was just the sweetest thing.”

“She goes, you made your husband cry, this is a great scene!” Chopra added. “It was really cute.”

Chopra did not elaborate on what exactly happened in the scene. But fans will be able to make some guesses once the film hits theaters on Oct. 11.

Days later, Jonas and Chopra got married

These two tied the knot in December of 2018 in Chopra’s native India. About 200 people watched as the pair swapped nuptials in a romantic candlelit ceremony.

“They got married under a beautiful white canopy with pastel flowers,” a source added to E! News. “Priyanka wore a super long veil, it looked like it was 60 feet long! Priyanka and Nick said their own vows, which were incredible.”

The source continued, “Priyanka’s mom gave an emotional speech that left Nick and Priyanka in tears. The wedding was literally a fairytale at the palace—a Disney movie couldn’t even compare to this!”

The Quantico actress later opened up about the difference in their relationship now that she and Jonas have tied the knot.

“It’s so different,” Chopra told Elle of the married life. “I’d never realized having a husband and a boyfriend are such different things. When you say your vows, it’s like, this person is my family, and it’s the family I chose. There’s a weird responsibility to them. And a safety that comes from it. We are learning about each other every day.”

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What Chopra and Jonas have been up to since their wedding

When they’re not working, the stars are seemingly enjoying marital bliss. Chopra recently talked about their life plans to Vogue India, telling the publication that she and Jonas are thinking about starting a family.

“Buying a home and having a baby are on my to-do list,” she told the outlet.

Vogue Arabia noted Chopra has homes in Mumbai and New York City. But she apparently wants to make Los Angeles their main resting place.

“For me, home is wherever I’m happy, as long as I have the people I love around me,” the actress added.


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