Why Nick Viall Feels Peter Weber Is Getting So Criticized As The Bachelor

Peter Weber has been on the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism during his season of The Bachelor. Fans have stated their frustration at the pilot’s indecision and his rewarding drama.

Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Peter Weber | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Peter Weber says ‘indecision’ is part of being the bachelor

In a recent interview with former bachelor Nick Viall on The Viall files, Weber explained that “indecision” is kind of just part of the process.  

“I’m making decisions in the moment based off the information I have and I’m not making dumb decisions on purpose. You know, everyone thinks I am. And everyone thinks I’m just being indecisive and, yeah, there was a lot of indecision but that’s what you get when you date so many women at once,” he said.

But now that Weber’s down to his final four (Kelsey Weier, Madison Prewett, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Ann Sluss), he’s feeling pretty good about the selection he’s made. In fact, he’s had a good feeling that these four were going to be his end four for a while.

“These four I feel very good about. People were like ‘Oh, he’s so indecisive,’ but I kind of knew, you know. There was a good chance they were gonna be in the top four,” he said.  

Weber continued: “I don’t think anyone watching this show should be confused or surprised by [my top four]. Any human being isn’t gonna be all-in on all 30 people. You’re gonna hopefully give everyone a chance, but anyone’s attracted to a smaller group of possibly 30. So I’m not afraid to admit that. I’ll fully admit that and that’s why I wasn’t worried about a lot of the drama going through.”

Why Nick Viall thinks Bachelor Nation is frustrated with Peter Weber

Being a former bachelor himself, Viall agreed being in the lead role is a “winless battle.”

Viall believes the pilot is getting so heavily criticized because he’s so (maybe too) open to love.

“I think you have more of an open heart than most bachelors have, which is why, unfortunately, you’re getting some of the flak that you’re getting. It’s a winless battle being the bachelor sometimes,” he said.

Viall continued: “This indecisiveness is coming from this: You truly seem to be open and giving these relationships a fair shot. Where other leads, especially myself, you lock into a couple early on. You’re like, ‘You know, this is my person.’ And you’re basing your decisions off of that.”

Weber agrees that he tried his “best to give everyone a chance.” He didn’t zero in on one person from the beginning. But he “also did have my top front-runners that maybe interchanged a couple times, you know in the top four, five, six, but that’s human. That’s the truth.” 

After all, “this is a two-month experience. If you kind of don’t have that idea early on then how, realistically, can this really work?”

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