Why ‘Outlander’ Fans Think Jamie Will Kill Murtagh This Season

Season 5 of Outlander is bringing the Revolutionary War to Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) doorstep. And at the moment, Jamie is torn between protecting his godfather, Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) and seeing through the deal he made with Governor Tryon (Tim Downie). Fans are convinced Murtagh will die this season, and many of them think it will be by Jamie’s hand. 

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for Outlander season 5, episodes 1 to 6, and the Outlander book, Voyager.]

Duncan LaCroix, Sam Heughan - Outlander
Duncan LaCroix, Sam Heughan – Outlander | Starz

Why do fans think Murtagh will die on season 5 of ‘Outlander’?

Outlander fans who’ve already read the books the show is based on, know that the series has taken creative liberties with Murtagh’s storyline. In Diana Gabaldon’s book series, Murtagh is Jamie’s confidant and godfather. But in her third novel, Voyager, Jamie tells Claire that Murtagh died in the Battle of Culloden. 

However, on the Starz series, Murtagh makes it out of the battle alive. In the third and fourth seasons, he spends time with Jamie at Ardsmuir Prison, travels to the American colonies, becomes a blacksmith, and then starts a small regulator rebellion. All of Murtagh’s journeys on the show were not in the Outlander books. 

Duncan LaCroix - Outlander
Duncan LaCroix – Outlander | Starz

That being said, most fans think Murtagh’s fugitive storyline this season was set up to kill the character off. This way, the show could potentially go back to following the storyline of the books.

“If Murtagh does die this season, I think it will happen in the last episode,” wrote one Reddit user.  “It would be a perfect circle of season 5; We saw the first few minutes of episode 1 were Murtagh is consoling young Jamie on the death of Ellen his mother. It would be so fitting then If Murtagh dies, it is Jamie comforting his dying godfather.”

Murtagh is the target of the Red Coats this season 

He’s been at Jamie’s side from the beginning. But this season, Murtagh went off on his own and joined the Regulators, despite Jamie’s warnings. As a leader in the rebel cause, Murtagh started causing trouble for local tax collectors and went as far as to tar and feather loyalists. 

Now that Murtagh is in Governor Tryon’s crosshairs, Jamie is trying to keep him safe. He’s pretending to be loyal to Tryon but has warned Murtagh to remain hard to find. But in episode 6, “Better to Marry Than Burn,” Murtagh arrives at Riverrun during Jacosta’s (Maria Doyle Kennedy) wedding. 

Tryon is there attending the wedding with Jamie and Claire, and he told Jamie that he wants to see Murtagh tried and hanged as soon as possible. By showing up at the wedding, although discretely, Murtagh is proving that he’s not heeding Jamie’s warning to lay low.  

Why fans think Jamie will kill Murtagh in season 5 of ‘Outlander’ 

Jamie made a deal with Tryon last season to keep a big chunk of land in return for his loyalty to the crown. Jamie’s land, which he calls Fraser’s Ridge, is now home to his whole family and a host of other people who Jamie thinks of like his new clan. 

Jamie is now a Colonel, and he was directly ordered by Tyron to hunt Murtagh down. The safety of Fraser’s Ridge depends on Jamie’s loyalty to Tryon, but he also loves his godfather. This predicament is exactly why some fans think Jamie will be the one to kill Murtagh himself this season. 

 “I feel certain Murtagh will die in the S5 finale, probably at Jamie’s hand,” wrote a Reddit fan. “That would bring the timeline back to the books and correct what many think was a mistake in keeping Murtagh alive. Sam (Heughan) said the finale would be hard to watch, which got me thinking and cinched my belief that Murtagh will die in S5.”

One fan noted that Jamie killing Murtagh would really make for a dramatic end to the character’s life. “Jamie killing Murtagh himself would be very, very painful to watch,” wrote the Redditor. “But it would bring much more drama than Murtagh dying at the hands of someone else.”

The Outlander series has given Murtagh a much longer life than Galabldon did in her books. So, with no real source material to pull predictions from, fans are just going to have to wait and see how Murtagh and Jamie’s paths cross this season.