Why Patrick Mahomes Is One of the Best-Selling NFL Jerseys

NFL star Patrick Mahomes might be young, but he’s managed to climb the ladder of success very quickly. At the age of only 24, Mahomes has a career that many could only dream of, and he’s built a life that seems truly incredible.

On top of all of that, Mahomes has maintained his down-to-earth roots, and hardcore fans and casual football viewers alike find him very likable. It is his extreme likability that has caused Mahomes’ NFL jerseys to be one of the top-selling on NFL’s website. Read on to learn more about Mahomes and why fans like him so much. 

Patrick Mahomes is very talented

Patrick Mahomes playing football
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Born in 1995, Patrick Mahomes was raised in Texas by devoted parents. Growing up, Mahomes was very athletic, and became interested in multiple sports, getting involved with baseball, football, and basketball. In fact, throughout all of high school, Mahomes focused mainly on baseball, ultimately stepping away from baseball in 2016 to turn his attention solely to football.

During his final year of college, Mahomes entered the NFL Draft, and the rest is history.

His father opened up later about Mahomes’ decision to play football professionally, saying that the young man just “fell in love with football.” He stated that his son was able to learn much more about football and that he really enjoyed the opportunities he got with the game.

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is clearly blessed with an extreme natural talent for football – he is one of the only players in NFL history to throw 50 touchdown passes in a single season. Mahomes has also been named NFL Offensive Player of the Year, NFL Most Valuable Player, and First Team All-Pro.

Patrick Mahomes is devoted to charity work

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While fans definitely love him for what he brings to the game of football, they also love his commitment to making the world a better place. In 2019, Mahomes founded his own charity organization, called “15 and the Mahomies.”

The organization was designed to improve the lives of children, mainly those in underserved communities. “15 and the Mahomies” has the goal of enhancing children’s lives through many different venues, including providing better healthcare and offering access to sports and recreational activities.

Mahomes clearly dedicates a great deal of time to his charity, and in August 2019, he announced that there would be a gala in November to support the efforts of the organization. 

NFL star Patrick Mahomes is obsessed with shoes

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Patrick Mahomes, like many of his fans, has a lot of hobbies and favorite things, and makes no secret of the things that he likes best. Mahomes is known to have a near-obsession with ketchup and has admitted to getting embarrassed for ordering the condiment at steakhouses. In fact, Mahomes loves ketchup so much that earlier this summer, he became a spokesman for Hunt’s ketchup brand. 

Mahomes also absolutely loves shoes, and after he purchased his dream home (an amazing feat for any 24-year old) he outfitted the house with a room devoted exclusively to his shoe collection.

In total, the room has 180 shoes, all displayed on shelves that allow Mahomes to look over his whole collection any time he wants. Still, Mahomes doesn’t want to go overboard, and stated that he probably won’t get any more shoes for some time – he knows his limits, apparently.

With so many likable, quirky characteristics, it’s no wonder that Mahomes’ jersey is one of the best-selling ones on the NFL site. If his career trajectory keeps going up, there’s no telling the level of success that the young man could end up achieving.