Why ‘Pose’ Should Win the Emmy over ‘Game of Thrones’ for Best Drama Series

Pose is up for outstanding drama series at the Emmys this year. It has some tough competition and the biggest threat is Game of Thrones.

The HBO show might set a record given it already set a record with how many nominations it received. However, Pose should beat it in the drama category. Here are the three main reasons why.

The choreographed group scenes in ‘Pose’ didn’t receive the same criticism

Game of Thrones gets a lot of attention for its large battle scenes. This last season the episode showing Battle of Winterfell got an overwhelming criticism that the scenes were too dark for fans to enjoy. The cinematographer still defended it.

Those scenes are undoubtedly hard to shoot. However, Pose also regularly has scenes that require a lot of people and choreography. Emmy nominee Billy Porter previously talked about this experience with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“You know filming television is tedious and I don’t say tedious as a pejorative,” Porter said. “I say tedious just in terms of it’s very meticulous, it’s very precise. It’s fun because we make it fun.”

When asked how long those scenes take he answered, “Long time, like days and days and days and days. They come out and they’re like 60 seconds. You’re like ‘that took four days.’”

It has handled large turns for characters better

Another criticism of the last season of Game of Thrones was how it handled Daenerys Targaryen’s (Emilia Clarke) big turn. Many didn’t think it was executed well and it didn’t stay true to her character.

Pose also took its characters down different paths for its second season. The decision that could be the most controversial was how Candy (Angelica Ross) was written. In the end, many believed this turn led to an important discussion about the treatment of transgender women.

Ross wasn’t nominated for her role this year, but Porter was nominated for outstanding lead actor in a drama series. Their characters’ storyline intersect in an interesting way that added to that discussion.

The show also moves pop culture forward

Mj Rodriguez
Mj Rodriguez | Rich Fury/Getty Images

No one can take away from Game of Thrones’ influence on pop culture. Countless podcasts are dedicated to it, other TV shows are filled with references to it, and there are real classes to learn the languages that were created for it.

The HBO show has gotten the most Emmy nominations because of this influence. But it’s important to note that Pose is just getting started and is already moving pop culture forward.

Pose made history by having the largest number of transgender actors in a cast as series regulars ever. Janet Mock also made history by signing a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix after producing and directing the show.

We are also seeing more podcasts and references to the show itself. The way the FX show is moving culture isn’t just good for entertainment, but representation.

Game of Thrones is still probably the safe bet for the category. However, we still have hope Pose will take the statue. The award show airs on Sept. 22 on Fox starting at 8 p.m. EST.