Why Prince Charles Didn’t Actually Like Kate Middleton At First

The royals are known for their discretion and their decorum. In fact, if it weren’t for the media and the many eyes and ears around the British royal family, we might not ever know about some of the Windsors’ more salacious scandals and secrets. Obviously, everyone knows about the rocky marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as well as the prince’s affair with his current wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. However, you might not know that the future King of England wasn’t always a fan of his daughter-in-law, Duchess Kate Middleton.

Though Duchess Kate and her husband, Prince William, have been an item for over a decade, it looks like Prince Charles didn’t embrace the stylish royal when she was first introduced to the family.

A strained relationship

Prince Charles and his sons have had a strained relationship. | Tim Rooke/Pool/Getty Images)

Though he’s often seen out and about with his sons, according to Tom Bower’s unauthorized biography, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, the prince’s relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry has been strained since the death of Princess Diana over 20 years ago.

According to Bower, “Charles reportedly believed Diana had poisoned the boys’ minds against him during his affair with his mistress, Camilla.”

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A popularity contest

KING'S LYNN, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 25: (L-R) Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend a Christmas Day church service at Sandringham on December 25, 2015 in King's Lynn, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Prince Charles and his wife weren’t always fans of Kate Middleton. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William sent the media into a tailspin at the beginning of their realtionship.

Their whirlwind romance began just a few years after Prince Charles married his long-time love, Parker Bowles. Unfortunately, Bower believes the older couple didn’t seem too happy about sharing the spotlight with the younger couple.

Now that there are rumors that the British public would prefer Prince William on the throne over his father, the ill feelings have gotten even worse. A royal insider told Women’s Day, “Camilla is livid that William could potentially take the throne – and she’s pointing the finger of blame firmly on poor Kate.”

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Green with envy

Prince Charles walking outside

Kate Middleton couldn’t win over Prince Charles right away.  | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Though Duchess Kate tried desperately to get on her father-in-law’s good side just after her wedding, she gave up when nothing she did seemed to appease him.

In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew to Canada and Los Angeles on their first official trip as a royal couple. They’d hope to impress the future king. However, all Prince Charles seemed to care about were what he called far too many “tasteless” photos the couple appeared in.

Rumor has it that he was also displeased about the large crowds that came to see his son and daughter-in-law, as opposed to the much smaller ones that greeted him and the Duchess of Cornwall on their North American trip.

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An isolated couple

Prince William and Kate Middleton visit the University of St Andrews

Prince Charles felt isolated from Prince William and Kate Middleton. | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Before having Prince George, Prince William and Duchess Kate lived in Bordorgan Hall near the Irish Sea. When Prince George was born, they moved to the Middleton family home in Bucklebury Manor, and then to Norfolk before finally moving back to Kensington Palace in London recently.

Apparently, since they lived so far away and often spent Christmas with the Middletons, Prince Charles felt “isolated” from his grandchildren.

Hopefully, now that they live closer, the prince gets to see his grandchildren more often.

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A petty slight

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 30: The Parents of Kate Middleton, Michael and Carole Middleton are in conversation as they watch on from the stands in centre court on day four of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 30, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Prince Charles wasn’t particularly nice to Kate Middleton’s parents, seen above. | Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Apparently being royal doesn’t mean you can control petty and jealous instincts that you might have. In fact, Prince Charles’ irritation towards Duchess Kate spread to her mother, Carole Middleton.

In what was meant to be a slight towards his daughter-in-law, the prince reportedly had several of the queen’s courtiers ignore the elder Middleton during social gatherings. How very high school of him.

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The queen’s intervention

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth II tried to keep the behavior of her son, Prince Charles, in check. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Apparently, the slight against Carole Middleton was so bad that Prince William had to ask his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, to intervene.

According to People, to ease the tension among her family, the queen invited the elder Middleton to drive around the Balmoral estate — even inviting a TV cameraman to film their outing.

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Familial animosity

Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice apparently isn’t a fan of Kate Middleton either. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Apparently, Prince Charles isn’t the only royal with an issue with Duchess Kate Middleton. Apparently, Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice, also isn’t a fan. Like her uncle, Princess Beatrice didn’t take too kindly to Duchess Kate’s arrival, which turned the spotlight on her and further edged out the other members of the royal family.

Who knew the royals indulge in peasant emotions like jealousy and bitterness?

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