Why Prince George Is Not Allowed To Play This Popular Game

We know the royal family has some traditions that may seem strange to the rest of us but you probably didn’t expect any of those rules had to do with a popular game most children play growing up. However, there is a certain iconic game that Prince William and Kate Middleton do not allow their oldest son, Prince George, and his siblings to play.

Here’s what that game is and why the Cambridge children cannot play it, plus what other items the royal parents have banned from Kensington Palace.

Prince George
Prince George | RICHARD POHLE/AFP/Getty Images

Prince George and his siblings cannot play this game

The game that Prince George and his siblings are not allowed to play is Monopoly. The children won’t be buying properties or passing Go for one specific reason.

According to Prince Andrew, that board game is off limits for all members of the royal family because they get way too competitive.

“We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious,” the Duke of York previously told The Telegraph.

Monopoly board game
Monopoly board game | Alex Wong/Getty Images

What else is banned from the palace

It’s not just Monopoly. There are actually a few other things that William and Middleton do not allow their kiddos to play with and those are iPads and other high tech gadgets.

“They’re very much seen as Mummy [sic] and Daddy’s toys, not for children,” a source explained to Us Weekly.

William and his wife didn’t grow up in an age where everyone was constantly on their laptops or attached to their mobile phones but they realize their children will. Therefore they understand there will come a time when they’ll have to find a balance of how much time their kids should actually spend on those devices.

“This generation is going to be the first generation to grow up fully immersed in mobile phones, social media, lots of stuff,” the Duke of Cambridge said. “And yet our generation, the older generation, the parent generation, we’re completely left at, ‘how do we deal with this? Where do we go to? Where do you learn about how to look after your children’s digital world?’”

Things the children enjoy playing with these days

Prince George
Prince George | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

For now, William and Middleton encourage the young royals to play with more traditional toys.

George is reportedly a big fan of Legos and “anything on wheels” while Princess Charlotte loves her Disney Princess dolls. Prince Louis is still a bit too young to enjoy the same toys as his siblings but we’re sure he’ll have some favorites of his own very soon.

When the weather gets nice William and Middleton make sure their kids are active and playing outside as much as possible.

In the past, both Prince George and his sister had taken up hobbies in which they were outdoors a lot including skiing and tennis. Something else that gets them out of the house is playing on the palace grounds with the family dog, Lupo.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got the black English Cocker Spaniel in 2012, a year before Prince George was born. Over the years Lupo has appeared in several of the family’s photos.

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