Why Prince Harry Always Felt Overshadowed By Prince William

Prince Harry’s life has been anything but typical. Most people don’t grow up in the public eye, lose their mother before they even hit their teenage years, and live in lavish palaces with lives that the rest of us can only dream of. However, all of this was a reality for Prince Harry.

Whether he liked it or not, Prince Harry was born into the British royal family. And, if that weren’t hard enough, he is surrounded by future kings. Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, and his older brother, Prince William, and his nephew, Prince George, will all take the throne one day.

Although Prince Harry himself is sixth in line to be king, chances are, it won’t ever happen. That seems to be just fine with Prince Harry, though, as he has openly admitted that no one really wants to job of being the ruling monarch. So, why has Prince Harry always felt overshadowed by Prince William?

The British line of succession is complicated

Prince William and Prince Harry attend the opening of the Greenhouse Sports Centre in London.
Prince William and Prince Harry | Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Although we are well aware that Prince Charles will become the next king, the British line of succession is still somewhat confusing. The only ones who are actually in the direct line of succession are Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George. And, although the rest of the family members are in line somewhere, their positions are constantly changing.

It used to be that Prince Harry was third in line, right behind his brother, but when Prince William and Kate Middleton had kids, he was pushed back to sixth place. In the future, when Prince George has children, Prince Harry will be pushed back even further.

Although Prince Harry is in no hurry to take on the role of king, many people still may wonder if he is a bit resentful that his older brother will one day have the title and all of the attention, honors, and privileges that come along with it.

There is currently some tension between Prince William and Prince Harry

For months now, there have been rumors circulating that Princes William and Prince Harry are involved in a royal feud. For a while, no one was really sure if the rumors were actually true.

However, according to Cosmopolitan, Prince Harry essentially confirmed everything in a recent interview. In the beginning, many people thought that the alleged feud was actually between their wives, Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate, which was denied by Kensington Palace.

Although the brothers are still on speaking terms, the Duke of Sussex spoke about how busy their lives are and how they are drifting apart. He made sure to add that he will always love Prince William, and we hope that they can one day repair the strong bond that they once had and that everything will be back to normal. 

Why has Prince Harry always felt overshadowed by Prince William?

Prince Harry has so many wonderful things going on in his life: a beautiful wife, an adorable baby boy, and a newly renovated, 10-bedroom home on the grounds of Windsor Castle. To top it off, he has a huge fan base, with people lining up by the thousands to try and catch a glimpse of him whenever he makes an appearance.

So, why is it that he has always felt overshadowed by his brother? Us Weekly reports that although Prince Harry is in no way jealous of the responsibility that Prince William will one day have to take on, he still feels that he has a lot to live up to. It certainly can’t be easy being the younger brother of the person who is all set to become king and, as a result, Prince Harry is feeling that he has to live up to certain expectations.