Why Prince Harry and Prince William Won’t Stop Moving in Different Directions

Prince William and Prince Harry have both grown up in the spotlight. They are the sons of one of Britain’s most famous royal couples, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and became even more beloved by the public after the untimely death of their mother in 1997.

Ever since that day, royal watchers have felt protective of the brothers, and get concerned over any threats to their happiness and well-being. Therefore, when rumors first circulated of a rift between the pair, people were devastated, and quick to try and place blame. However, their supposed “feud” seems to be indicative of nothing more than a natural shift in priorities as the brothers raise their individual families.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry | Photo by Eddie Mulholland/Getty Images

Why did Prince William and Prince Harry split their households?

For many years, Prince Harry was considered the “third wheel” in the relationship between Prince William and Kate Middleton. His party-animal ways and more reckless image meant that he wasn’t taken as seriously by many members of the public. The fact that he wasn’t attached to anyone allowed him the flexibility to more or less do as he pleased. He frequently tagged along with Prince William and his wife on royal engagements and even shared an office with the couple.

However, since his marriage to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry seems to have matured considerably. He and Markle have taken many trips by themselves and have been photographed less and less with Prince William and Kate Middleton. While many were quick to assume that it meant there was some sort of disagreement between the royal wives, the reality is that the couple has their own goals and motivators.

In March 2019, it was announced that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would officially be splitting their household from that of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and moving out of the palace, into a more private residence in the English countryside. The highly-publicized split would allow Prince Harry and Markle to have their own independent offices and get some privacy. Which is more important than ever, considering that they were expecting a baby in May.

The royal brothers have different ambitions

Prince William is set to assume the throne following the ascension of his father, Prince Charles. He was born and raised in the knowledge that he is the heir apparent and given a hefty sense of responsibility. Prince Harry has not been burdened with such a heavy weight. It is unlikely that he will ever assume the throne – given that he is now sixth in line

The differing expectations for the brothers mean that they each have separate interests and ambitions to pursue. Prince William has to keep his focus on preparing for the throne and must maintain a very strict code of conduct. Prince Harry has made it clear that he has more global ambitions, and has been focusing on various charitable efforts. Most recently, he announced a top-secret project with Oprah Winfrey. It is an Apple-sponsored documentary series designed to shine a light on mental health issues. This is the sort of media-driven project that is well out of Prince William’s wheelhouse – but perfect for his community-minded younger brother.

Recently, it was announced that while both royal couples would no longer be working on their joint charity foundation. Their primary focus would be individually pursuing the projects that most matter to each of them.

What’s next for Prince William and Prince Harry?

While it is likely that the brothers will keep moving in different directions, royal fans can rest assured that they still have a deep love for each other. They share a bond that will never be broken, in spite of the challenges that royal life will throw their way.