Why Does Prince Harry Open Up More Than Other Royals?

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, speaks during an official event
Prince Harry | Dominic Lipinski – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Most of the world has no idea how the British royal family thinks, and that comes as no surprise. For decades members of the elite family have made it a point to keep their struggles out of the media whenever possible. Sure, the tabloids get a hold of gossip and tear apart any shred of evidence they find. But, for the most part, the family does an excellent job of keeping what they are really thinking under wraps.

While this way of operating is strictly adhered to by many of the older generations, there’s at least one younger member of the family who is shaking things up. That is of course none other than the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.

Prince Harry opens up about Princess Diana’s death

When Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, the world was shocked. The young Princess was just 36 years old and succumbed to injuries she suffered after a fatal car crash. At the time, her and Prince Charles’ children, Prince Harry and Prince William, were 12 and 15 years old respectively. One might think the boys may have managed to complete their grieving process. But as it turns out, that isn’t true. At least not for the Duke of Sussex.

Twenty years after her passing, the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy was released. In it, Prince Harry finally opened up about the emotional trauma he suffered as a result of the loss.

“There’s a lot of grief that still needs to be … to be let out. I was so young, I grew up thinking that not having a mum was normal.” – Prince Harry

During the interview, the young Duke also mentions that he has only cried twice for his mother and admits that there is a lot more grieving left to do.

How did Prince Harry deal with Princess Diana’s death?

Since Prince Harry didn’t cry about his mother, how did he deal with her death? As you may know, once Prince Harry was of age, he basically joined the military. This, along with just essentially ignoring how he felt is how he coped. Definitely not the healthiest way to go about it, but it seemingly worked for a while.

“People deal with grief in different ways and my way of dealing with it was basically shutting it out, locking it out. The ten years I was in the army, I sort of dug my head in the sand. It was just white noise.” – Prince Harry

This is why Prince Harry has chosen to open up

Prince Harry has made it a point to be open about his history with mental illness. But why has he decided to go against the grain and take the road less traveled? TV News Royal Editor Chris Ship, opened up with Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box to answer the burning question. Apparently, during an interview, Ship told Prince Harry he was under the impression that royals were not supposed to open up. The “common” people aren’t meant to know what’s going on in their minds. This was Prince Harry’s response:

“Look, this is my way of doing duty and service. My grandmother had a certain way of doing it but my way is to say ‘okay, I sought some help professionally for mental illness” and if that encourages other people to talk about it or go and seek some help then that’s me imparting my duty and service.” – Prince Harry

Prince Harry decided to be candid about his mental illness because he believes it’s a way of fulfilling his royal duties. He hopes his openness will have a trickle-down effect that causes others to seek help or at least talk about their issues. While it may not be how his predecessors have chosen to fulfill their duty, it’s a perfect way to go about it in this day and age.