Why Prince Harry Will Never Escape Being a Royal

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle struggle for some privacy after the birth of baby Archie, the couple continues to be exposed to ever harsh criticisms. They’ve found themselves in hot water over their social media presence, the issues they choose to stand behind, and even the way in which Meghan chooses to mother her son.

It’s gone so far that the royal couple has expressed their desire to just live a normal life, in fact Harry has mentioned he wishes he wasn’t in the long line of royals awaiting the throne.

Prince Harry will never escape being a royal

Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Jacob King – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The couple faces almost constant scrutiny and unbearable pressure to maintain a certain image. Unfortunately, for Harry and Meghan this is something that they will never be able to escape.

Recently, it has been speculated the Duke and Duchess will likely be spending a great deal of time out of the UK both to avoid the never-ending assault from the press and in an effort to focus their energies on their various duties for the Queen.

Keeping residence out of the country will help them to have the illusion of privacy, as, although they are internationally popular the intense spotlight on their lives will be dimmed.

The Prince and his family has made an effort to combat negative criticisms by hiring a social media guru to help them remain relevant to the public and to spread a positive light on their lives. But, despite his efforts to rehabilitate his image, the Prince spoke about his reluctance towards his status with biographer Angela Levine. He recently admitted to the royal writer that he felt that he “didn’t really want” his position as sixth in line to the British throne.

Unfortunately for Harry, it isn’t really an option to “step aside” from royal life.

The couple has reached celebrity status

Prince Harry revealed to Levine that he would never want to cross the line from royalty to celebrity, but as the owner of the fastest (ever) Instagram account to hit over 1 million followers, it’s clear that this royal couple has hit celebrity status. If their royal wedding, with its A-list guest list was any indication, their relationship was always going to become one of celebrity fame.

Harry has made it clear that celebrities receive their fame because of some sort of talent they possess, whereas royals are simply given a title. He doesn’t necessarily want or deserve the underlying fame associated with his title.

Aside from their natural celebrity draw, their new baby has only increased the public interest in their life, especially as public viewings of the youngster have been so few.

However, if he doesn’t want to be labeled as a celebrity, the public would like him to stop acting like one. As the Duke and Duchess used a private Jet to accommodate their personal vacations last month, they’ve faced claims that they are behaving like Hollywood A-listers and are acting like hypocrites.

Meghan brings her own fame to their relationship

Of course, Harry made his proclamation of never being a celebrity, long before his met his American actress wife. Meghan Markle obviously brings her own fame into their relationship. When you’re long-time friends with famous actresses, and invite Hollywood names to your wedding, it is unlikely you will be able to dodge the fame yourself.

Because of her fame, the Duchess has often been criticized for her decisions on shirking royal protocol. She refused to give birth at the same hospital as Kate Middleton and Princess Diana and has kept Archie far from public view since his birth. Her desire to change the status quo hasn’t made it easy for the pair to fly under the radar as they would like to.

Being in the spotlight gives them a platform for change

As much as their public lives are scrutinized and attacked, they are also subjects of admiration. As such, the Duke and Duchess find themselves in a unique position to affect change.

As the pair try to find their sense of purpose in the monarchy they are using their platform to highlight social reform and organizations which support various aspects of society that the duke and duchess feel strongly about. Their social media pages reflect which of these organizations they are currently highlighting. This is only one way that they are using their influence and popularity to increase the good in the world.

No one blames the Duke and Duchess for desiring a little space, as much as the media attacks them, they deserve to regain a little of their privacy and dignity. However, they cannot escape the spotlight for long and Harry will forever be a Prince no matter how much he longs to have just a normal life.