Why Prince William Can’t Blame Prince Harry for Wanting to Escape His Shadow

Prince Harry has always had a very special relationship with the public and press. Long known as the troublemaker and fun-loving royal brother, the redheaded royal forged a unique bond with everyone he came into contact with. After the untimely death of Princess Diana, he was raised even higher in the public’s good graces.

In recent years, Prince Harry’s public image has suffered, but there could be a good reason for the prince’s outspoken tendencies of late. Royal sources recently revealed some secrets behind Prince Harry’s upbringing and the reason why he might be trying to distance himself from his older brother, Prince William.

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry | Toby Melville – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Prince William was always the focus

Prince William was the first child born to Prince Charles and Princess Diana. With Prince Charles being the heir to the throne, the line of succession would continue with Prince William. This meant that the young boy had a tremendous amount of responsibility on his shoulders, even as a child. There were very specific expectations on how he would behave, what he would accomplish in his life, and how he would interact with the public.

When Prince Harry was born, several years later, he was notoriously referred to as “the spare.” Reportedly, Prince Charles was very vocal about his disappointment that his second child was a boy, as he had been hoping for a boy. While Prince Harry also had a great deal of responsibility and was still expected to comport himself with a certain amount of dignity and restraint, he would never be as important to the royal family as Prince William.

Some royal sources have recently spoken out, claiming that while they were growing up, Prince Harry was often used as a “decoy” at parties, to draw the attention away from Prince William. Those same sources claim that the brothers feuded for a time due to all the flack that Prince Harry was receiving just so Prince William could remain unscathed. Needless to say, this could breed some resentment in even the closest brotherly relationship.

Prince Harry was the third wheel for Prince William and Kate Middleton

When Prince William started dating Kate Middleton, their relationship took center stage. Everyone was obsessed with the young couple, and media outlets loved reporting on the details of their romance. Whenever Prince William and Kate Middleton would appear at royal functions, Prince Harry was usually there as well, tagging along. Many media outlets started casually referring to him as the third wheel, and even though he seemingly got along well with both Prince William and Kate Middleton, that had to sting a bit.

Still, it wouldn’t be too much longer before Prince Harry broke away from his brother and started creating his own storyline, one that would differ drastically from Prince William’s. 

Prince Harry has found his own path in life

In 2016, Prince Harry met American actress Meghan Markle. The two formed a romance, and it wasn’t long before the world’s media was reporting on their relationship. Prince Harry had officially stepped into the spotlight on his own terms, with a partner who seemed to be his match in every way. They have since gotten married and welcomed a baby – splitting their household from Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, in the process. 

While the journey has not always been easy, and Prince Harry has suffered from a great deal of negative press in the past year, there’s no doubt that he has come into his own as a husband, a father, and a leader in his own right.