Why Princess Diana Once Got Physically Violent With Her Step Mom

The world knew Princess Diana as the “people’s princess.” She had a charming personality and a huge heart. Even after her divorce from Prince Charles, she remained in the public eye for years.

We can’t imagine anyone not liking Princess Diana, as her huge fanbase more than proved that she was loved by billions of people. For the years that we were able to observe the princess, we always saw her being extremely nice to everyone. She was a loving mother who never seemed to get angry or even lose patience with her kids, Princes William and Harry.

Although we know that Princess Diana had some personal issues, she typically kept any negativity behind closed doors, seemingly in compliance with the royal family’s tradition of never airing dirty laundry. However, it recently was revealed that at one point, Princess Diana exhibited some behavior that was completely out of character for her: She once get physically violent with her step-mom.

Who was Princess Diana’s stepmother?

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

We know that Princess Diana came from the well-to-do Spencer family, but do we really know who her stepmother was? According to The Sun, Raine Spencer had a career in politics, three husbands, and a rocky relationship with Princess Diana.

In addition, Spencer had an impressive five titles and was the daughter of Dame Barbara Cartland, an author of romantic novels. Her stepdaughter may have been a real-life princess, but Spencer was known as Comtesse de Chambrun, the Honourable Mrs. Gerald Legge, Countess of Dartmouth, Countess Spencer, and Viscountess Lewisham.

Spencer was also said to be extremely well educated and very intelligent. She had four children of her own and, as a result of her three marriages, she also had three stepchildren — one of whom, Princess Diana, married the future king of England.

Princess Diana’s relationship with Raine Spencer

It is a known fact that there are just some people who don’t get along with their stepparents, but Spencer and Princess Diana’s relationship was as turbulent as they come. It was so bad, in fact, that Princess Diana referred to her as “Acid Raine,” and enjoyed saying “Raine, Raine, go away!”

Inside Edition reports that the relationship was complicated, to say the least and Princess Diana felt that she truly had a “wicked stepmother.” So, why didn’t the two get along? Princess Diana was only 15 years old when her father married Spencer, and she felt as if her own mother were being replaced — something that she didn’t appreciate at all.

It also didn’t help when Princess Diana’s father became ill, and Spencer refused to let his kids visit. The late princess began to dislike her stepmother even more so when she moved into the Spencer family’s country home and completely redecorated the whole house from top to bottom. It seemed as if there was just no room in Princess Diana’s life for Spencer, and there was tension between the two of them for years. 

Why did Princess Diana once get physically violent with her stepmother?

In an ironic twist, Spencer and Princess Diana eventually put their bad feelings behind them and ended up becoming extremely close, but not before things went from bad to worse. New York Post reports that several years before her untimely death, Princess Diana actually had a physical altercation with her stepmother, going so far as to push her down a flight of steps.

The two were arguing, and Princess Diana let her anger get the best of her, being so forceful that Spencer lost balance and fell. She was left bruised and pretty banged up, not to mention extremely mad at Princess Diana, feeling that her behavior was beyond mean. Although they didn’t have a great relationship for a long time, we are glad that they were eventually able to patch things up and spend some quality years together.