Why Princess Diana Really Said She’d ‘Fight to the End’

Princess Diana might have been a young and naïve girl when she entered the Royal Family, but she was wide awake by the time she left it. She suffered emotionally as the Princess of Wales, but she eventually found the courage to speak up and tell her side of the story to the public. Read on to find out why Diana said she’d really “fight to the end.”

‘The War of the Waleses’

The Prince and Princess of Wales
The Prince and Princess of Wales | Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

According to the podcast, Fatal Voyage: Diana Case Solved, Prince Charles and his office conducted a propaganda war against Diana. Recorded conversations came out on both sides of the war that was dubbed “The War of the Waleses” by the press. This was an attempt to dirty the Princess’ image and it got nasty on both sides of the line.

Princess Diana spoke out in a very public way in the BBC’s Panorama Interview with Martin Bashir in 1995. She was asked if she thought a campaign was truly being planned out against her and she said, “Yes I did, absolutely, yeah.”

Why did she feel this way? “I was the separated wife of the Prince of Wales, I was a problem,” Princess Diana said. “Never happened before, what do we do with her? She won’t go quietly, that’s the problem. I’ll fight to the end, because I believe that I have a role to fulfill, and I’ve got two children to bring up.”


By the end of 1993, phone conversations had already come out that were more than a little embarrassing. Squidgygate was in reference to telephone conversations between Diana and James Gilbey that took place before 1990. In the conversations, Gilbey calls Diana “Squidgy” and even “Squidge.” In 1992, The Sun publicly revealed the tapes in an article. Gilbey was one of Diana’s friends from childhood. He was also rumored to possibly be her romantic lover while she was still married to Prince Charles.

Princess Diana withdrew from public life for a little while because of the pressure

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | David Levenson/Getty Images

Diana decided to take a break from public life because everything was getting to her and that’s completely understandable given the situation. Her work was starting to become affected by it all and she couldn’t take it.

“The pressure was intolerable then, and my job, my work was being affected,” Princess Diana said. “I wanted to give 110% to my work, and I could only give 50. I was constantly tired, exhausted, because the pressure was just, it was so cruel.”

Princess Diana may have taken a break from public life, but she still did work, although “underground” in a way. “I mean, I did a lot of work, well, underground, without any media attention, so I never really stopped doing it,” Diana said. “I just didn’t do every day out and about, I just couldn’t do it.”

Taking herself out of the equation during the height of the press war that was brewing was a smart move. “You know, the campaign at that point was being successful, but it did surprise the people who were causing the grief – it did surprise them when I took myself out of the game,” Diana continued. “They hadn’t expected that. And I’m a great believer that you should always confuse the enemy.”

Eventually, Diana and Charles settled on divorce in 1996. Diana would die the following year in a tragic car accident.