Why Princess Diana’s Butler Warned Meghan Markle About the Royal Family

So far, it looks like Duchess Meghan Markle has adjusted to royal life beautifully. She has taken things in stride while dazzling everyone with her gorgeous pregnancy glow. Unfortunately, the news out of Kensington Palace surrounding Merkle hasn’t been so serene. There are rumors that her husband, Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William are in the middle of a rift because of the elder prince’s initial feelings about Markle. Also, Markle is being pegged as difficult to work with since more than one of her royal staff members has resigned after working with her for a short time. Her paternal family is also in the news once again — making desperate declarations and pleas to reconcile with her.

Whether there is any truth or merit to these rumors, or if the U.K. press simply has some animosity towards Markle because she is mix-raced and from America, we don’t quite know. However, there is one person who is on her side and has warned the duchess about the pitfalls of marrying into the British Royal Family.

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana

Meghan Markle and Princess Diana |Twitter via MeghansMirror

Princess Diana’s former butler warned Meghan Markle

It’s no secret that the late Princess Diana who came from royal blood herself, had a very difficult time adjusting to life as a member of the British Royal family. Before she died, she talked openly about how isolating and confining it felt. Now, two decades after her death, Princess Diana’s former butler. Paul Burrell, who served as a footman for the princess and the queen is warning Markle about being royal. He said, “It’s far from reality, so detached from our world.”

He warned that the royal family is full of egos and various personalities. In an interview, the Daily Mail he said, “[They] are going to set traps.” He warned Meghan that she will “come up with opposition within the four walls of the royal household. Everyone is jostling for position and attention. They all want to please the Queen and want airtime with her.”

Advice for Meghan

With his warning, Burrell did offer words of advice and encouragement for Markle. He advised her to stick close to her husband, Prince Harry who obviously has no issue standing up for his pregnant wife. He also urged her to go directly to Queen Elizabeth II with any of her questions or concerns. Burrell said,

It’s what I said to Diana when she first came into the family, try to get airtime with the Queen, speak into her ear. The Queen is the most humble, approachable and kind person you’ll ever meet, she’s a great listener, nothing will shock her, she’s heard everything, and you can tell her everything, and it will be safe. The Queen has to be informed from the horse’s mouth, if you don’t do that, you’re doing an injustice, I hope that Meghan will get this advice from Harry, that granny knows best. If you speak your fears, she will take it onboard and speak to the right person. She will change the rules, she did it for William and Harry, she can do it, but only if she knows about it.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

We just hope that all of this drama dies down soon and Markle can enjoy a stress-free holiday season.

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