Why Queen Elizabeth II Is Still the Best Living Royal

When it comes to the British royals, there’s no one more noble, elegant, and iconic than Queen Elizabeth II. We love seeing her at public events, parades, and while she’s celebrating her birthday at Trooping the Colour. And we also adore how much she loves her family, corgis, and her fans.

Though there are plenty of amazing living royals today, the queen takes the cake. Here’s why we can’t get enough of her.

Her everyday routine is totally relatable

Queen Elizabeth II attends the annual Braemar Highland Gathering in 2018

Queen Elizabeth II attends the 2018 Braemar Highland Gathering in 2018. | Jeff J. Mitchell/ Getty Images

She may be 92, but the queen is still totally self-sufficient — and we love her everyday routine almost as much as she does. Every morning, the queen sets her alarm at 8:30 a.m., sits down to eat her bowl of oatmeal, and sips on a cup of darjeeling tea. And, like the rest of us, the queen loves music, though she personally enjoys bagpipes as her wake-up call from below.

As for what else the queen does during the day, it’s all pretty unpretentious. She takes a bath, goes for walks, spends time with her dogs, writes, and has plenty of time to herself. While some celebrities spend ample time living lavishly, the queen’s simple lifestyle reminds us how down-to-earth she really is.

Her color-blocking style is still on point

The royals are known for their quirky style, and the queen never disappoints. We love that at 92, she’s not shying away from a colorful, eye-popping wardrobe. Glamour explains the queen loves to color block — and she even has the same pair of heels she’s worn for 50 years. Her fashion sense has even started a ton of worldwide trends. And when it comes to hats (which we know all the royals love), the queen’s headgear is always tasteful, fancy, and a true conversation starter.

Her sense of humor is unmatched

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Being the queen for over six decades is no easy feat. While she’s had to deal with some seriously heavy topics, the queen still manages to appear upbeat and happy in front of crowds — and we love when we get a glimpse of her sense of humor.

PopSugar reminds us of a recent event when, during an interview, the queen was manhandling the Imperial State Crown when she humorously commented, “It’s very solid, isn’t it?” And it turns out she’s had her quick wit for quite some time. Decades ago, she had an incident with her cousin’s husband, Denys, who was writing thrillers. Princess Margaret was talking to Denys at the time and asked him how his book was going. As Denys said, “I desperately need a title,” Queen Elizabeth entered the room and quipped, “I cannot think of a reason for giving you one.”

Queen Elizabeth is constantly working (even if you don’t notice)

While many folks retire in their ’60s, the queen has plenty of work she still does as the head of state. PopSugar notes her paperwork is delivered to her daily in red boxes — and she goes through all of it. Not only that, but she’s always busy coordinating overseas visits, hosting world leaders, and organizing her children to represent her during royal tours. The queen is the busiest woman in her 90s we’ve ever heard of — but the public loves that she’s willing to go the extra mile for her people.

She still has her favorite cocktails like the rest of us

Queen Elizabeth II toasts U.S. President George W. Bush

Queen Elizabeth II toasts U.S. President George W. Bush | Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The queen has an active and healthy lifestyle — but that doesn’t mean she shies away from every indulgence. She’s been known to love a cocktail or two. As for what she loves to drink, the queen indulges in a Dubonnet gin cocktail before lunch, wine with lunch, and a dry martini in the evening. Does this make her a binge drinker at 92? It might — but it’s just one more totally relatable aspect that we love about her.

Even after all these years, she keeps parts of her life a mystery

With the swift spread of information through the internet and social media, it can be tough to maintain an air of mystery — especially when you’re the queen. But, as Business Insider puts it, “The Queen has perfected the art of saying enough, but never saying anything that might offend.”

Additionally, Matthew Norman from The Telegraph also explains it well when he wrote, “None of us has a clue what the Queen thinks, and this, when you think about it, is what makes her remarkable, and best explains her success.” Norman calls the queen “impenetrably private” but still “uniquely familiar,” creating a “paradox that never loses its power to intrigue.”

Perhaps we can all take a lesson from the queen. Sharing just enough information, drinking delicious cocktails, and dressing to impress every day may just be the secret to success.

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