Why Queen Elizabeth Must Stick By Prince William and Kate Middleton At All Costs

(L-R) Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Queen Elizabeth may show extra support for Prince William and Duchess Kate | GEOFF PUGH/AFP/Getty Images

Family sticks together no matter what, and the royals are certainly no exception to this rule. As one of the most famous families in the entire world, the royals certainly know what it means to live their lives in the spotlight. They are often the subject of headline news, however, the unfortunate fact is that some of the news about them turns out to be nothing more than a rumor.

It certainly can’t be easy to be followed by photographers at all times, as well as have members of the public and news media criticizing your actions, yet this is what the royal family deals with on a regular basis. When someone gets involved in any sort of scandal, they often count on their family members to stand by them. As the head of the family, many people know that Queen Elizabeth has quite a few people to support, including her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Why is it important that the queen stand by Prince William and Kate Middleton at all costs?

The royals have their fair share of scandals

The members of the royal family most definitely know how it feels to be involved in a scandal. Surely, fans can remember the recent rumors that surrounded the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, when it was suggested that PrinceWilliam had cheated on Kate.

According to Elle, the prince allegedly had an affair with Kate’s former close friend, Rose Hanbury, although the rumors were never proven to be true. In the wake of the cheating scandal, there was speculation that Kate was moving out of the palace, as well as rumors that the royal couple was planning to divorce. As we all know, the rumors eventually died down, and Will and Kate were able to happily move on with their lives. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deal with scandals as well

One of the most recent royal scandals actually focuses on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, due to the fact that they took a private jet on vacation several times in the course of just over a week.

CNN reports that many people now consider the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to be “hypocritical,” since they are so passionate about environmental issues. They contradicted what they believe in by using a luxurious private jet, which takes its toll on the environment.

It only added fuel to the fire when, according to Fox News, William and Kate made quite a statement when they used a commercial budget plane to travel to and from Scotland, where they spent time with Queen Elizabeth.

Why will Queen Elizabeth stand by Prince William and Duchess Kate at all costs?

Queen Elizabeth has been the ruling monarch for an astonishing 65 years, and she has high expectations for those who are in the direct line of succession. The queen has great respect for her position as the queen and knows that it must be taken extremely seriously.

Royal fans definitely know that Prince Harry and his grandmother are extremely close. They have a great relationship and the queen would do just about anything for her grandson. However, as the future king and queen consort, her majesty will stand by William and Kate and support them just a little more than she will Harry and Meghan.

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth has nothing but love for all of her grandchildren and their spouses. We also know that she gets along wonderfully with both Kate and Meghan. Yet, as heir to the throne, William will always have the support of his grandmother just a little more, since she wants to see her family preserve the throne for years to come.