Why Queen Elizabeth Is Worried About Prince Harry’s ‘Troublesome Behavior’ After Marrying Meghan Markle

At one time, Prince Harry had a bit of a reputation as a bad boy. Those days of being a class clown and party boy might be behind him but, according to a recent report, Queen Elizabeth is worried about Harry’s “troublesome behavior” since he married Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth ll, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry’s early days as a troublemaker

Harry has settled into a more mature groove, but when he was in boarding school as a young boy, he was the class clown. Royal author Katie Nicholl shared in her 2010 book William and Harry that the prince was mischievous after arriving at the Ludgrove boarding school.

She explained: “The troublesome streak that would later see him crowned the rebel of the family began to emerge. While William had grown out of childish pranks and immersed himself in his studies, harry earned a reputation for being the class clown.”

Nicholl recounted an incident where Harry encouraged his schoolmates to moon photographers, sharing, “When Charles and Diana came to visit, Harry decided to get his own back on the photographers who had gathered. At his instigation, four school leavers mooned at the press, some of whom were hiding in the undergrowth.”

Though the plan was orchestrated by the prince, a fellow student noted that ”Harry didn’t actually moon at anyone. He dared the school leavers to do it and they did. He was very aware of [the photographers] and didn’t like them being there.”

Harry the party boy

Harry went on to gain a party boy reputation, as evidenced by a wild night in Croatia in 2011, where he was drinking and dancing, with an onlooker remarking: “He was constantly running from one place to another. One moment he was flirting with some girls at the bar, the next he was dancing on the top of a low wall.”

In 2012, Harry hosted a game of strip billiards in his Las Vegas hotel, where someone snapped a photo of the naked prince. The royal family ordered a media blackout of the photos to prevent them from circulating.

The Queen is worried about Harry’s behavior

Of course, Prince Harry put his rebellious ways behind him, met Markle, got married, and had a baby. Despite his maturity, it seems that the Queen might be worried about him because his “opinionated wife” has been an influence on him.

Milly Haddrick of New Idea shared: “The Queen is starting to worry over Harry’s troublesome behavior” in terms of bucking the typical protocol to do things his own way.

Haddrick notes: “First, he and Meghan riled the press and some fans by keeping the birth of their new son private, and gave out false information about where and when he was born.”

The couple’s move to Frogmore Cottage, along with ending their partnership with William and Middleton and splitting from their joint charity the Royal Foundation, also were reportedly problematic.

Haddrick also pointed to Harry’s absence from a banquet attended by President Donald Trump, believed to be because of Trump’s comments about Markle being “nasty.”

Royals author Ingrid Seward told the magazine: “Harry is behaving in an immature way and letting his personal animosity take over from his natural good manners. You have to think Meghan is influencing him behind the scenes and this could be dangerous.”

Seward added: “His duty is to support the Queen and the institution, and sometimes that means gritting your teeth and doing things you don’t like.”