Why Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Grandchild Could Be Archie

Most people are ecstatic when they finally become grandparents. After all, grandchildren bring joy into their lives that is beyond compare, and grandparents truly cherish the time that they get to spend with the younger generation. Something that many of us don’t realize is that the members of the royal family, even the queen, are just like us. Despite the fact that they live their lives in the spotlight and go out of their way to maintain a certain image, they value their family relationships as much as anyone.

Also, just like all families, the royals have their fair share of family drama. They get into disagreements with each other, and some of these feuds even make headlines. In addition, the royals — even Queen Elizabeth — have certain members of the family that they are closest to. Just like all other grandparents, her majesty may even have a favorite grandchild. With so many cute little royals running around, there is no doubt that she adores them all, yet could it be possible that Queen Elizabeth’s favorite grandchild is her newest one, Baby Archie?

Is Queen Elizabeth close to all of her other grandchildren?

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Cathal McNaughton – Pool /Getty Images

We have seen countless photographs of the monarch interacting with Princes William and Harry, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and all of the others. It was even reported that the queen was over the moon when her great-grandchild, Prince George, who just celebrated his sixth birthday, was born. In fact, according to Hello!, Kate Middleton said in an interview that Prince George calls his great-grandmother “Gan-Gan”, and that she leaves presents at the foot of the bed when he visits her. How adorable is that?

Queen Elizabeth is even close to her granddaughters-in-law

It is so wonderful that Middleton and Meghan Markle have time to spend with the queen and form close relationships. Although they are not related by blood, it has been said that Queen Elizabeth loves her granddaughters-in-law, and we have seen her make solo appearances with both of them. People reports that her majesty has framed family photographs of her family on display at her Buckingham Palace residence.

Isn’t Queen Elizabeth closest with Zara Tindall?

For years, many royal fans believed that Queen Elizabeth was closest with the daughter of Princess Anne: Zara Tindall. According to The Sun, she is even closer with her granddaughter than she is with Princes William and Harry, who are in the public eye much more than Tindall.

Why is this? Well, Tindall and her grandmother have a shared love of horses, for one. We also can’t forget the fact that Tindall doesn’t have a royal title, and is not a senior member of the royal family, meaning that she lives a much more “ordinary” life than the other family members. It is said that the queen enjoys Tindall’s company just a little more, due to the fact that she has a much more “normal” life.

Is Queen Elizabeth’s new favorite grandchild Archie?

Archie Harrison isn’t even three months old yet, however, Express says that he could be the queen’s new favorite. This is because of the fact that he, like Tindall, will have a “simple” upbringing. The baby doesn’t have a title, and his parents are going to keep him out of the spotlight. Considering that he is the youngest and smallest, that may give him more appeal as well, earning him the spot as Queen Elizabeth’s favorite.