Why ‘Silicon Valley’ Star Zach Woods Says He Was ‘Surprised’ by the Series Finale

Season 6 of Silicon Valley is set to begin. The final seven episodes of the series have one actor, Zach Woods, a little verklempt. Read on to find out why the finale surprised him in ways he wasn’t expecting.

Zach Woods prepared for the show to end

Zach Woods
Zach Woods onstage at Silicon Valley S5 FYC at The Paramount Lot | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Woods admitted the end of a five-season run has him feeling all the emotions.

“They’d put out nachos at craft services and I’d start crying,” he said about his last week of filming. “It’s like, ‘Why am I crying? I’m just eating nachos.'”

He admitted his acceptance of the show’s end long before that final week of shooting.

“I remember looking around at the set and just thinking, ‘This is not always going to be here. These people are not always going to be here. This is a blink and you miss it part of life’. So I’ve been thinking about the end for a while and it helped me not completely miss it as it was happening.”

Woods said he wasn’t surprised the show didn’t get picked up for another season. Creator, Mike Judge, previously told The Hollywood Reporter they set up season 5 with season 6 as the finale.

“But you never know,” he added. “It could be that it gets to six and someone has some idea.”

Woods agreed that it felt like the right time to end Richard Hendricks’s (Thomas Middleditch) story after one final season.

“I think it’s better to end at a point where you’re paying off the story in a satisfying way as opposed to just hooking the show up to life support and waiting for its organs to fail.”

How will ‘Silicon Valley’ say farewell to his character Jared?

Jared’s growth from season 1 to now is impressive. Woods agrees.

“Playing Jared has been like a six-year-long Advent calendar of little horrors from his past, where every new script you open up a new morsel of past trauma or mysterious trouble from his long and difficult life.”

He goes on to explain season 6 also complicates Jared’s loyalty to Richard because the company is growing at a rapid rate and he has “less access” to him.

Woods said it also compromises’ Jared’s judgment and gets Richard in trouble. In turn, Jared will likely sacrifice himself for Richard’s benefit. If there’s something to be missed about playing the character, Woods said it’s his “goodness.”

He continued: “Jared was the first character I ever played who had a completely unselfish — almost to a pathological degree — interest in the well-being of the people he cared about, and I thought that was a really fun thing to play.

Why was Woods surprised by the series finale?

Woods admitted this was his favorite season but the finale “surprised” him.

“It is not what I was expecting at all — and it was much better than I was expecting,” he said. “I thought it was sweet without being saccharine. I don’t know, it’s very hard to talk about this stuff without discussing specifics. As a fan of the show, I found it very satisfying. That’s a boring answer.”

When asked if the finale will live up to all Silicon Valley is, Woods pulled the optimism card claiming it’ll be “the greatest 30 minutes of any viewer’s — not just TV experience — but of their life.”

He compared its greatness to being superior to the birth of a child which, knowing Woods’s dry wit, seems about right.

Up next for the former The Office star is another HBO comedy, Avenue 5, opposite Hugh Laurie. For now, enjoy the final season of Silicon Valley as much, if not more, than the birth of any children.