Why Some Are Angry at Bill Burr’s ‘SNL’ Monologue While Many Fans Are Calling it ‘Genius’

Saturday Night Live continued its strong October kickoff with Bill Burr as its host in the Oct. 10 episode. It marked Burr’s first time doing the gig, but the seasoned comedian has an extensive resume when it comes to sketches and punchy routines.

He’s sarcastic, snarky, humorous, and at times raunchy, and his work can be seen in stand-up specials as well as scripted TV series. Burr is no stranger to commanding a stage, but his SNL opener left the audience divided with some expressing their discontent and others noting some ironies.

Twitter lit up with commentary during and after his monologue.

Bill Burr on Saturday Night Live
Bill Burr hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ | Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A little background on comedian Bill Burr

Burr has five standup specials that can currently be found on Netflix, and they’re just a sampling of his style of humor. If you’ve never checked out Paper Tiger or Walk Your Way Out, then you’re missing out on a crash course in Bill Burr.

Burr has worked in comedy since the ‘90s, and his fan base includes Dave Chappelle who once gave him a piece of priceless advice early in his career. He told Tim Ferriss that Chappelle caught him right after a set and said, “You’re going to get there, but the road that you’re taking is going to take longer.” The pair also worked together on Chappelle’s show.

He’s done arena tours at places such as Madison Square Garden and is known for speaking about PC/cancel culture. His SNL bit included jokes about white women, social media cancel campaigns, and the LGBTQ community.

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Some viewers didn’t like Burr’s jokes  

As some viewers chuckled out loud at Burr’s monologue, others weren’t feeling his cracks about white women, “wokeness,” and oppression.

After giving his explanation of the woke movement, Burr said white women “swung their Gucci-booted feet over the fence of oppression,” and hijacked the cause. He then referred to them as his “b*tches.”

One of the other parts of Burr’s routine that some people didn’t care for was his comparison of the Black History Month to Pride Month. Unhappy with his comments, some called him and his routine “trash,” “unfunny,” “embarrassing,” and “belittling.”

A clear divide existed on Twitter and SNL‘s Instagram, where someone called him the “worst host” they’ve ever seen on the latter platform.

Another wrote, “He was very harsh, bigoted, misogynistic, and screechy.” Burr trended on Saturday night and well into Sunday as the debate raged on about his routine.

Burr has plenty of supporters too

An entire wing of social media users on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube defended Burr and said that those who were upset proved his point. Discussion threads about “Karens” and truth bombs erupted all over social media, with Burr fans hailing his SNL spot as “genius.”  

Over on Instagram, some fans praised Burr while calling out cancel culture: “The guts it takes to do this monologue in today’s climate,” and “If y’all got offended by the punchline then you are the punchline. Billy Bignuts killin’ it.” Another added, “Burr pissed off a lot of Karens. They are feeling oppressed…again.”

On SNL’s YouTube channel, commenters wrote things such as “This was Bill Burr at 50% strength. The division is about people that weren’t fans in the first place,” and “The people in the audience that got offended literally proved his point and that’s what makes it more hilarious.”

One person wrote, “This is the smartest sh*t I have ever heard and people are missing the point, he was sticking up and standing with people of color.  He was dead on about white women and said nothing bad about gay people, he was only pointing that there is so much inequality in things still and we need to pay attention more to this.”

Barstool Sports blogger Kevin Clancy tweeted, “Bill Burr crushed his SNL monologue and pissed off a LOT of people with his act. This is what happens when you do Bill Burr material for a non-Bill Burr crowd. Congrats, Billy Boy! You murdered it. Bucket list checked off, f*ck the rest of em.”

Journalist and commentator Siraj Hashmi summed up his opinion in few words: “Bill Burr does not give a single f*ck.”

The debate rages on. If you missed his piece, watch the replay on YouTube or Instagram, and if you want to delve into more Bill Burr comedy, stream it on Netflix.