‘Counting On’: Why Some Are Disturbed By This 1 Thing on Jinger Duggar’s Instagram

Jinger Duggar is a fan favorite on the TLC show Counting On. Fans love that she has started to live life on her own terms; now that she’s married, she doesn’t have to follow the strict rules that were made under her parents’ roof. But some who follow the Duggars did notice one thing about Duggar’s Instagram that they found a bit disturbing.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo
Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Duggar has made waves as the family rebel

Ever since Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo back in 2016, she has started to change her life little by little. Growing up, Duggar had a very strict set of rules to follow, including not being able to wear pants. She also couldn’t dance, go to the beach (in a swimsuit), or play sports. Everything the Duggars did was for God, so extracurriculars that didn’t involve religion were few and far between. But when Duggar married Vuolo, things changed. She began bending the rules her parents had made, and fans started to love her rebellious attitude — especially because, despite rumors, it didn’t look like there was any bad blood between her and her parents.

She and Vuolo have started living life on their own terms  

When Duggar married Vuolo back in 2016, the couple started to live life the way they wanted rather than the way her parents wanted. Duggar moved in with Vuolo in Laredo, Texas, and she began trying new things. The two attended sporting events together and started to do things that weren’t related to religion. Duggar also began wearing pants, which was a huge move for a girl in her family. Plus, she even dyed her hair, which generally isn’t something any of the Duggars do. The two have only had one daughter since they wed nearly three years ago, which has led some to believe they are using birth control.

Duggar, Vuolo, and their daughter in their new home of Los Angeles.

Some are disturbed that Duggar’s business inquiries have to go through her husband

Though fans are happy that Duggar seems to have more freedom in her marriage than she did when she was growing up, some couldn’t help but notice one detail in her Instagram profile that they found a bit disturbing. Duggar’s business inquiries (since she is technically a celebrity) all must be sent to her husband rather than her. “… I find that really sad. None of these women are allowed anything of their own,” one user wrote on Reddit. “Can we talk about how it’s Jeremy’s email in the bio and not hers at all. This is how you know he controls everything,” another person commented. “Jeremy probably told Jinger that e-mail addresses cost money, and she believed him,” someone else added.

The Duggars are still nowhere near as modern as most couples    

Though Duggar and Vuolo have made strides in giving her more freedom, the Instagram email proves that they still play by the rules of their husbands. And people have noticed. Though Duggar probably has more of a sense of self now than she once did, her husband still likely has a “man of the house” attitude, since that’s how traditional families often behave. Though we are rooting for this little family, we can only hope that it’s some sort of misunderstanding, and Duggar’s inquiries aren’t actually filtered through her husband.