Why Some Fans Are Worried About ‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Marriage

There’s a reason the Food Network has remained so popular over the years — and that’s because of delicious food, fun competitions, and relatable show hosts that we love to listen to again and again. While Ree Drummond is a relative newcomer to the network, fans have loved watching her create her down-home eats for her family on the ranch. And while we’ve watched Ree cook her heart out on The Pioneer Woman, we’ve also gotten an inside look into her life with her kids and husband.

Ree and Ladd Drummond appear to have a rock-solid relationship, but some have grown concern that could have been trouble brewing beneath the surface. Here’s what’s concerned fans.

Ree was a full-blown city girl until she met Ladd

It seems Ree and Ladd were nothing alike from the beginning. As we’ve seen from The Pioneer Woman, Ree lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with Ladd and their kids — and it seems she never actually imagined this is where she’d end up. According to Country Living, Ree had plans to head to Chicago for her next venture in her younger years, but upon visiting the local dive bar in Oklahoma over Christmas break, she saw Ladd and was instantly attracted.

She and Ladd chatted at the bar, but he soon had to leave to cook Christmas turkeys for the people in his small town. While Ree tried to forget about Ladd and still made plans to move away, he called her four months later — and it seems the rest is history. After an amazing fist date, Ree never ended up moving away after all. But fans still wonder if she misses city life, as she’s said, “I missed the conveniences, the coffee shops, the take-out galore and the little nail salons … I missed the anonymity of living in a city … I missed the nightlife, the culture, the shopping. I missed the restaurants.”

They’ve had serious disagreements regarding their boutique hotel

Ree certainly got used to Oklahoma life and living on the ranch, as we see on The Pioneer Woman that’s where she ended up. And since then, Ree’s been busy building her food empire with books, shows, and cookware. Now, one of Ladd and Ree’s more recent ventures is their eight-room boutique hotel, People reports — though it seems they’ve had major disagreements while it’s come together.

Because of their inability to agree on one design choice, Ree has designed four room and Lad designed the other four. As Ree said, “I’m not going to paint a rosy picture of husband and wife working perfectly together. There were definite disagreements, and that is part of why we ended up splitting the building into two halves.”

Ree and Ladd seem to spend a lot of time apart

Another aspect of Ree and Ladd’s marriage that seems to concern outsiders is their time they spend apart. While it’s healthy for couples to have their own wants and needs separate from their partners, some seemed concerned when Ree mentioned Ladd doesn’t always like to attend family trips. According to Radar Online, Ree and the kids like to visit Vail, Colorado — but Ladd doesn’t necessarily make the trip a priority. As Ree said, “Ladd doesn’t get to go every time since ranch work takes precedence.”

Not only that, but Delish explained that Ladd and Ree both forgot their anniversary at the end of 2018. As Ree captioned her Instagram post, “Our anniversary blew by us last week! It’s a sandwich generation thing.”

Is their marriage really in trouble? Definitely not

Ree and Ladd may have an unconventional marriage full of differing opinions and separate ways of life, but at the end of the day, it seems they might actually be perfect for each other. We still see them being affectionate toward each other on television, and Ree seemingly has no actual regrets about spending her adult years in Oklahoma. Not only that, but she explained to People that when they do have a disagreement, they still have their own nightly ritual to ensure everything’s going to be OK. “We don’t go to sleep in each other’s arms — we like our space — but our feet always touch,” she said. “If we’ve had a little disagreement, as long as our feet touch, it’s all good.”

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