Why Some ‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Can’t Stand Amy Roloff’s Boyfriend, Chris Marek

Amy Roloff has been a fan favorite on reality TV for years thanks to her appearances on Little People, Big World. She first attained fame with the show due to her dwarfism and her relationship with her husband, Matt Roloff, who also has the condition. Together, they have four kids and they run a family farm, though dynamics within the Roloff clan have certainly shifted over the years. Matt and Amy divorced a few years back, and they both have been getting serious with their current significant others.

Amy seems totally in love with her boyfriend, Chris Marek, and we wouldn’t be surprised if an engagement is in the works. Not everyone’s a fan of Chris, though, and some fans seem to really dislike him. Here’s why.

Amy has been gushing over Chris since their first date years ago

Eagle-eyed fans who have been keeping up with the Roloffs for years may remember when Amy and Chris first got together. CafeMom reminds us Amy attended a singles mixer that involved drinking and painting with other single folk — and while she didn’t speak to Chris much that night, that was our first introduction to him on the show. Later, they reconnected — and when Chris asked Amy on a date that involved traveling around on his motorcycle, she was completely up for it.

On Chris and Amy’s first date, they discovered they had a ton of common ground — and Amy seemed totally smitten. “I could have talked for hours and he just said so much … I could have been on this bike ride for hours,” she noted in the Little People, Big World episode. And she also added, “I want to get to know him. I find him attractive, I find him interesting, and I would hope that, you know, maybe he finds, you know, that in me a little bit.” We know now that Chris found Amy equally as attractive, as they’ve been celebrating over two years together.

Some fans think Chris is using Amy for the fame

Amy isn’t shy about her relationship with Chris on social media, and she’s often found posting photos of the two of them together on Instagram. Many of her fans are happy she’s found someone new — but others are quite skeptical of Chris’ motives. According to CafeMom, some of the comments on Amy’s Instagram question if Chris is dating the star for money, exposure, or fame.

As one Instagram user reportedly commented on a cute photo of the lovebirds, “Be careful with him he might have a motive being with you … fame and fortune seeker.” And another one of her followers claimed they had a bad “gut feeling” about Chris even though they noticed Amy deserves “all the happiness in the world.”

None of Amy’s fans seem to have any real reason to distrust Chris, so it seems they’re still unhappy that the Roloff family split and are headed in different directions with their lives. Either way, Amy doesn’t seem to worry too much about the hate, as she’s still posting about her relationship.

Others believe there’s serious tension between Matt Roloff and Chris

Another reason fans seemingly aren’t the biggest fan of Chris is that some believe he’s put a ton of tension between Amy and Matt. Fortunately, it seems the relationship between Matt, Amy, and Chris is totally fine. Good Housekeeping notes Amy was hesitant about the two meeting at first, but Chris assured Radar Online that everything went totally smoothly. As Chris told Radar, “Everything is good. Matt and I get along just fine.”

As for how Matt feels about Chris, it seems like he’s totally fine with the relationship and ultimately happy for Amy, too. Matt has his own long-term relationship with girlfriend Caryn Chandler, so he’s gladly moved on and willing to put all tension from the divorce behind him. Ultimately, LPBW fans should be happy both Matt and Amy are in a good place with loving significant others.

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