Why Some ‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Have Accused Amy Roloff of ‘Ruining the Show’

A new season of Little People, Big World is underway, and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Roloff family next. A ton has changed over the years, and this is particularly true for Matt and Amy Roloff, the little couple who started it all. Matt and Amy were once happily married and sharing their journey raising four children and holding down Roloff Farms together — but now, the two are divorced and getting serious with their significant others. And it seems the divorce hit Amy even harder than it affected Matt.

Amy still has plenty of followers and fans, but it seems some longtime viewers are growing aggravated with the way she’s acting. Here’s why some are accusing her of “ruining the show.”

Amy Roloff made it known that Matt’s relationship makes her uncomfortable

Fans have long suspected that Amy might one day remarry with her current boyfriend, Chris Marek — but she’s not the only one in a serious relationship. Matt Roloff has been dating Caryn Chandler for quite some time, and the two initially met on the farm since Caryn helped manage pumpkin season. After Matt and Amy divorced, Matt and Caryn began their romance — and it seemed to always make Amy uncomfortable. Amy has even openly discussed her discomfort regarding the situation on the show. As she’s mentioned in the past, “Caryn is an employee, and is in a personal relationship with my ex-husband, and so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events. I’d rather just minimize the personal interaction. It’s not healthy for me.”

The discomfort for Amy has been so real that many have wondered if she’s considering throwing in the towel with the farm altogether. Already in the new season of LPBW there’s been ongoing discussion of the fate of Roloff Farms, as both Matt and Amy seemingly no longer want to work with each other on making their business function post-divorce.

Fans slammed Amy on an Instagram post of her purging her belongings

Amy’s always been candid with her fans regarding her emotions and what’s going on in her life, but a few of her followers haven’t come to her defense. PopCulture notes Amy posted a photo on Instagram of her “purging” her belongings from a room in the farm in May 2018. “It’s hard to let go of some things though but in the long run it’s a good thing. Isn’t that kind of like life- hanging on to stuff and people when it’s time to let go or the other way around,” Amy captioned the post.

The clean-out had many fans wondering if this meant she was preparing to sell the farm — but it also had others taking to the comments to tell Amy she was being dramatic about her divorce. As one follower commented, “Grow up and move on from your jealousy towards Caryn. Matt deserves to be as happy as you are.” And another added, “dude your bitterness & anger is ruining the show. You sound so cruel whenever [you] try and paint Matt in a bad light. (And I can’t believe [you] were jealous of Caryn holding Jackson.”

Amy’s followers weren’t nice to her on Twitter, either. When she mentioned the purge in her home on the social media platform, Twitter users rushed to the comments. As one said, “Amy, don’t understand your animosity towards Caryn.., after all, you wanted out of the marriage.. you come across so sour and bitter.”

Matt has come to Amy’s defense, however

The divorced couple may not always get along, but Matt certainly doesn’t want LPBW fans slamming Amy. PopCulture notes back in June, he posted his own Instagram post regarding the online bullying. “I’m generally pretty tolerant on my social media as to what I allow vs when I delete or ban someone,” he wrote. “But my new rule is I’m going to delete people that make unnecessary mean or hateful comments about Amy or any of my family members.” Many of his followers liked this peacemaking post, too. “Wish my x would defend me! Shows what character you have!” one person commented.

We’re sure fans will have plenty more to say about Amy Roloff as the new season goes on. Hopefully, for the Roloffs’ sake, the negative banter is kept to a minimum.

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