Why Spider-Man Fans Think Sony Is Worse Than Thanos

With great power comes great responsibility, but also bad business deals. Sure, that sounds like a cynical extension from the main brand line of Marvel’s Spider-Man movie franchise. Because Disney/Marvel had to create a movie deal with Sony to legally use Spider-Man, money clearly became another issue as it does with everything.

Tom Holland (Spider-Man)
Tom Holland (Spider-Man) | Rich Fury/Getty Images

The news of Disney and Sony possibly parting ways over how to split profits has shocked many Marvel fans who thought the MCU reinvigorated Spider-Man into its most complete form. If some initially griped over a teenage Peter Parker, landing Tom Holland for the role brought added depth and compelling millennial angst.

What happens to the Spider-Man franchise now if Sony regains 100% control of the movies? Will there be recasting or a creative rebellion from those who made the new franchise work?

Spider-Man is leaving the MCU

One could argue Disney wants all the money, and they already have it considering how many media properties they presently own. At the same time, Sony obviously wants a big chunk of that same pie. The acrimony over a financial deal between Sony and Disney proves it’s not an easy business world to be partnering with one of the most powerful media conglomerates in the universe.

Apparently, Sony now thinks they can go their own way and still make Spider-Man successful. It’s made Marvel fans more than a little ticked off about Spider-Man leaving the MCU at the drop of a finger snap.

Even though one could argue his time with the Avengers was nearing a crest after the death of Tony Stark, knowing Marvel was controlling the image of Spider-Man made it look and feel legit. Besides, the creative directions it’s taken with Marvel’s involvement (plus Kevin Feige as director/producer) made it a deeper franchise via psychological examinations on what it’s like to be a teenage superhero.

Tom Holland alone was a major improvement over Tobey McGuire’s take, leaving it open now to all of this being scrubbed in favor of Sony cashing in.

With Kevin Feige and Disney gone, will Tom Holland stay on as Spidey?

We’ve all seen the interviews where Tom Holland contends he wouldn’t mind playing Spider-Man for many years to come. With Sony wanting to cash in as much as possible on this franchise, they may find out the creative blend making this movie series work won’t be around.

Holland might become too expensive for Sony’s taste, especially if they think they can still make similar movies for a cheaper budget. If Holland is truly out anyway as reported, building new Spider-Man movies from scratch may end up being Sony’s biggest folly.

A few of us might facetiously say they’ll soon cast an even younger Spider-Man to a point of hiring a preschool actor. Sony should keep the teenage/20-something Parker intact, despite Holland’s Parker slowly maturing being a strong point.

The Parker we’re seeing now is worth continuing to complete his arc, no matter if it means keeping up being Spider-Man beyond 40. Without Kevin Feige involved as director/producer, though, what kind of creative jumble might Sony churn out?

Will Sony cut the budget for future movies to gain a bigger slice of the pie?

Yes, Sony might look like Thanos to the Marvel crowd now. They could technically do fine with Spider-Man if they kept the creative elements making it work now virtually the same.

Regardless, Feige had numerous astute insights into the character we’ll no longer see. You can say the same with Holland who’s probably going to be devastated losing the role he’s coveted since childhood.

What does that leave Sony to do in rebuilding their own franchise? It may have to mean going in daring new directions as Sony did with Into the Spiderverse recently. Perhaps they’ll choose to focus on this innovative form of animation to avoid having to hire live-action stars.

Any cost-cutting on their part in live-action merely to make more money will likely make Sony a laughing stock. Or, in the Thanos-like allegorical minds of Marvel fans: Sony cutting their own head off.