Why Sunny Hostin Won’t ‘Be Dragged Into the Mud’ With Meghan McCain

July 3 was one of those days for the co-hosts of The View. The morning started with a lengthy post in the Daily Beast exploring rumors that Meghan McCain’s time at the show would soon come to a close. In that article, sources close to McCain described her as “exhausted and defeated.”

Over at ABC, executives answered by saying they expected McCain back for the upcoming season that starts in September. But fans of the show know better than to take such statements at face value. As Rosie O’Donnell said, there’s always a cover story and you never know who’s leaving (or why).

Though McCain stories usually revolve around her on-air clashes with Joy Behar, the Daily Beast article focused on another co-host she’s been at odds with: Sunny Hostin. Yet the level of bickering between friends of Hostin and those of McCain went beyond even the usual View gossip.

In fact, the back-and-forth between the two camps prompted a response from Hostin’s publicist. She said the former prosecutor wouldn’t be “dragged into the mud” with McCain’s camp.

McCain’s friends accused Hostin of leaking negative stories to the press.

“The View” welcomes Pete Souza and Charlotte Pence on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. | Heidi Gutman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

For most of 2019, The Daily Mail and other tabloids have given fans of View gossip something to talk about. A June item about Whoopi reaching her breaking point represented the latest, but the others have focused on McCain’s entitled victim persona.

In some cases, the reports have featured inside information that only someone on-set could provide. (Producers at The View acknowledged to the Daily Beast that leaks have been a problem at the show.)

As in the Rosie O’Donnell days, the ones in charge at The View continue to wonder who is responsible. However, McCain’s team apparently has its theory — that the leaker is Hostin, or someone in Hostin’s inner circle.

Hostin’s publicist offered up a stinging response. “Sunny and Meghan are colleagues. Sunny says what she needs to say on The View and refuses to take part in gossip. She declines the invitation to be dragged into the mud.”

Hostin’s publicist also highlighted differences between McCain and her client.

sunny hostin the view
Sunny Hostin appears 6/13/19 on ABC’s “The View.” | Paula Lobo/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

While the opening lines from Hostin’s publicist draw blood, the last sentence from the statement might represent an even bigger shot at McCain. “As a former federal prosecutor and an Emmy-winning journalist, [the mud-slinging is] beneath her.”

That line draws attention to the clear contrasts between McCain and Hostin. Of the show’s co-hosts, McCain and Abby Huntsman are the ones who came to The View mostly because of their family name. Compared to Whoopi, Behar, and Hostin, the resumes of McCain and Huntsman look light.

(The Emmy mention goes along the same lines.)

You could say it was a flaw of The View’s casting to have the two young co-hosts on the show both be conservatives known best for whom their fathers are. But at this point, with the gloves off, you can’t blame Hostin or her team for pointing the stark differences out.

They made not be in the mud, but they’re taking their shots when given the chance.

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