Why Super Bowl Viewers Are Still Outraged by the Halftime Show

Whether you’re in it for the football, the drinks, the snacks, or the commercials, there’s a little something for everyone when it comes to Super Bowl entertainment. And one of the most looked-forward-to moments is always the halftime show. We’ve seen how entertainers work hard to create the perfect performance for their fans, and everyone watching the Los Angeles Rams compete against the New England Patriots were interested to see what Maroon 5 would do with the coveted halftime slot.

Unfortunately, many viewers feel totally disappointed with the show — and there’s one element that was missing that really threw football fans for a loop. Here’s why there’s mass outrage.

Maroon 5’s performance was completely forgettable

Football fans are always divided on how they feel about the halftime performer before they hit the stage — but fans have pretty much all agreed that Maroon 5’s performance left something to be desired. While the band went through many of their hits from their earlier years into the newer ones for younger fans, the performance felt a little too much like an echo of everything we’ve seen from them in the past. As music critic Chris Richards wrote for The Washington Post, “To hear a Maroon 5 song — any Maroon 5 song — is to feel your brain being wiped clean of the experience as it’s happening.”

There’s also this criticism of Maroon 5 to consider: The Washington Post reminds us both Rihanna and Cardi B turned down the halftime show to show support for former NFL player Colin Kaepernick’s protests against police brutality. Maroon 5 faced backlash for not stepping down like these other performers — so in a way, perhaps they wanted to be forgotten.

We only got to hear one song from Big Boi

It wasn’t just Maroon 5 taking the halftime stage. Fans were exited to see both Travis Scott and Big Boi sing a few tunes. And while many considered Big Boi to be the highlight of the show, he only had one song, which caused Twitter to erupt with confusion. As one Twitter user wrote, “Little more big boi little less Adam please #unpopularopinon.” And another added, “The brief moment of Big Boi only makes the return of Mayo 5 even worse.”

Big Boi and Travis Scott weren’t immune to public backlash from performing in the first place, either. While fellow artist CeeLo Green took their side and rooted them on for their performance, others were surprised that they would accept the gig due to the nature of Kaepernick’s stance.

Everyone wanted more Spongebob

No matter what political stance everyone took the night of the Super Bowl, fans felt there was one moment that could have united us all — and it pertained to SpongeBob SquarePants. The show’s creator, Stephen Hillenburg, passed away at the end of 2018, and fans were hoping to see Maroon 5 recreate the infamous Bubble Bowl sequence in the “Band Geeks” episode. NME reminds us there was even a petition for the halftime performers to play SpongeBob’s “Sweet Victory” — and it was signed by over a million fans.

Fans went wild when a brief clip of SpongeBob appeared — but just as quickly as it came, it disappeared and only served as a 15-second pause between Maroon 5’s performance and Travis Scott’s. Like every other moment, fans took to Twitter to express their grief. SpongeBob tweeted, “So honored and humbled!! Thankful for being included and for all our fellow sea creatures,” and to that, a fan tweeted back, “I’m sorry Travis Scott ruined your moment.”

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