Why Teal Piper Chose WOW-Women of Wrestling

Being Rowdy Roddy Piper’s daughter, Teal Piper surely got a lot of offers to enter the square circle. She chose to begin her wrestling career with Women of Wrestling, as opposed to WWE, All Elite Wrestling and other leagues. Teal Piper spoke with reporters on a conference call on August 27 about her decision to join WOW.

Teal Piper
Teal Piper on WOW-Women of Wrestling | AXS TV

Teal Piper is making her debut at WOW tapings this week on Wednesday, Sept. 18 and Thursday, Sept. 19. WOW-Women of Wrestling airs Saturday nights at 8 p.m. on AXS TV and Piper’s matches begin airing in early 2020.

Teal Piper wanted to support an all women’s wrestling league

WWE and All Elite have lots of female wrestlers and they’re making great strides, but there was something about an all female wrestling league that appealed to Teal Piper.

Teal Piper
Teal Piper in Hollywood | gotpap/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

“They’ve had women getting equal pay and on the main stage for years now. That’s just really cool and I really wanted to be a part of that movement and help them flourish and I just thought that was neat. When I saw the respect they were getting and the hard work and real talent, I was like, ‘I want to work with these girls. I want to be part of this movement. I don’t want to sit and watch it. I want to affect change for the better and I want to give the fans these epic women.’ So it’s a huge part of why I’m here, why I signed with Women of Wrestling.”

Teal Piper, conference call on 8/27/19

Teal Piper wants little girls to see her on WOW

When Teal Piper started watching WOW to do her research, she noticed what an impact it had on young girls. She wanted to be a part of that too.

Teal Piper | Mark Sullivan/Getty Images

“There was one match and they cut to a little girl in the audience. She had this gasp like she was just in horror and awe and amazement what she watching,” Piper said. “It really stuck with me and I was like wow, I want to have that impact of an older lady on young kids’ life. I just thought it was such a great thing for all these little girls to be looking up to. 

WOW will let Teal Piper create her own character

You’ll have to wait and see who Teal Piper is in the ring, but it was important to her to have the freedom to create her own character. One can imagine other leagues might pressure her to become Rowdy Roddy Piper Jr. Were she to join WWE, her father’s old stomping grounds, that pressure might have been insurmountable. 

“One of the other reasons I was drawn to WOW is I really appreciate their love and bringing back some of that old school character in wrestling,” Piper said. “I love the storytelling and I love exaggerating who I am, becoming a character. So for me, that is one of the elements that I really want to bring to it and why I appreciate everything WOW is doing as far as bringing some of that old school technique and style back to wrestling.”

Roddy and Teal Piper
Teal Piper with her father Roddy | David Livingston/Getty Images

Losing her father was an impetus to get in the ring herself and carry on the family tradition, so Teal Piper will be honoring Roddy when she wrestles.

“I’ve spoken to how my father’s death helped push me into this direction of life, teaching something I wanted to do,” Piper said. “That’s really when Teal Piper was born.”