Why ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Are Upset by Farrah Abraham’s Halloween Video

When it comes to polarizing Teen Mom stars, Farrah Abraham has always been top of mind. From the very beginning of her 16 and Pregnant days, many saw the toxic relationship she had with her family — and it seemingly got worse from there. And before she was fired from Teen Mom, many viewers noted the drama she created around the other stars of the show. Others even thought she was an unfit mother to her 9-year-old child, Sophia.

Farrah may not be on MTV these days, but she’s certainly still staying in the public eye. Not only is she boxing another celebrity soon, but she’s shown all of her followers on Instagram that she’s also all set for Halloween. Here’s the controversial video she posted — and why viewers are totally up in arms about it.

Farrah Abraham posted a Halloween video with her daughter

Farrah Abraham on Halloween

Farrah Abraham on Halloween | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

On Oct. 28, Farrah posted her Halloween video to Instagram. Here, she’s dressed in a pink wig, skull makeup, and a seemingly revealing outfit — and in the background, her daughter, Sophia, can be seen. While her daughter doesn’t say anything, she’s also in scary makeup fit for the season. Within the video, Farrah adds, “We’re getting ready to go out — it’s lit.” She then shows off a bag that lights up in sync with the heavy bass beats of the music that’s playing in the background of the video.

There’s even more video evidence of their mother-daughter Halloween outing on Sophia’s Instagram page. Here, viewers can see Farrah and Sophia playing with Snapchat filters while in their makeup.

Fans are outraged that Farrah seemingly took her daughter out with her

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

There’s nothing inherently wrong with hanging out with your 9-year-old for Halloween. In fact, Farrah also posted photos of her and Sophia at a pumpkin patch, which seemed much more age appropriate and didn’t come with the backlash of the video. The problem many viewers had with the Instagram post highlighting their outing was that Farrah was seemingly taking her 9-year-old to a party that may have been meant for adults. The Hollywood Gossip notes that according to Farrah’s Instagram story that night, she was certainly in a club. That leaves many wondering where Sophia was during this time.

As one Instagram user commented on the video, “You are dressed like that in front of your daughter … toting your child to a party when she should be with children her own age! This makes me so sad ….” And another user commented on Farrah’s troubled relationship with her mother, Debra, when she said, “It’s sorta sad that she’s this young and already imitating her mom.”

This isn’t the first time Farrah has angered internet viewers

Farrah Abraham and Sophia

Farrah Abraham and Sophia | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

This Halloween instance is one of many that has sparked backlash from fellow Instagram users. Many worry that Farrah acts more like Sophia’s friend than her mother — and it could lead her daughter down a troubling road. Additionally, most don’t think Sophia should have her own social media just yet, as she’s only 9. Though Farrah has commented before that she oversees all of her social media activity and ensures her safety, it still has many fans concerned.

Though their relationship may be strained, Farrah’s mom has also commented on how she worries for Sophia due to social media. In Touch Weekly reports though Farrah and Debra were estranged at the time, Debra added that it’s “hurtful to see my Sophia around some influences that I don’t particularly feel are age appropriate.” And it seems like fans are more on Debra’s side than Farrah’s here, as they’ve helped shut down Sophia’s Snapchat account back in 2016 when they found she was exchanging messages with strangers.

Even with their difficult relationship, Debra still sees Farrah as an overall good mother, though. As In Touch Weekly says, Debra added, “Farrah’s a very positive role model for Sophia because she’s hard-working. She does things and tries to do them to kind of a new level.” As for the Halloween video, we’re sure this isn’t the last time we’ll see Sophia and Farrah out together.

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