Why the NBC President Wanted Nick Jonas for ‘The Voice’

Nick Jonas will step in to replace Gwen Stefani (who was apparently Adam Levine’s quite temporary stand-in?) for season 18 of The Voice. While some Stefani lovers are sad to see the “Hollaback Girl” singer depart, she will be continuing her residency in Las Vegas. Not to mention, Stefani has never coached two successive seasons; while she appeared as an advisor for the ones in between, her exit should not come as a huge surprise.

Nick Jonas The Voice
Nick Jonas at the MTV Movie And TV Awards |Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV

As Stefani fans fester and gloom, Nick Jonas fans are shouting from the rooftops. The Jonas Brothers frontman — whose family band is back together and experiencing a resurgence in fame — brings pop and pop-rock infused musicality to the show. He will likely serve to attract contestants who would have otherwise chosen Levine. While we may see all the grand qualities Nick Jonas has to offer, what did NBC see in him?

Luckily for us, the NBC president recently addressed the network’s decision to place Jonas in the coveted red swivel chair. And, hopefully, he has what it takes to battle the likes of Blake Shelton — the country singer’s skill, and his ego could use a little contesting. 

Why NBC President Meredith Ahr wanted Nick Jonas for ‘The Voice’

Nick Jonas announced on Ellen — after Ellen DeGeneres played a video forcing him to do such — that he would be stepping in to take Gwen Stefani’s place as Adam Levine’s replacement.

Following the announcement widespread positive reception, it seems that the network has made a smart move and, hopefully, will plan to keep the coach for more than a season or two. Speaking on the decision, NBC President, Alternative and Reality Group, Meredith Ahr stated:

As a member of one of the hottest pop groups, Nick’s success in navigating all aspects of the music industry is exceptional. We were so impressed by his innate musicality, technical aptitude and passion that he brought to Songland earlier this year and know he will be an incredible fit as a coach on The Voice. We are excited to see Nick lend his mentorship, relatability and breadth of knowledge to a new crop of artists.

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According to the NBC President, Nick Jonas’ outstanding job on Songland helped him get the gig. Now, all we have to do is wait for season 18 to roll around.

What will the Jonas brother bring to ‘The Voice’?

Nick Jonas will need to bring his talents, and competitive nature, if he plans on defeating the current lineup of coaches. Given Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton’s desire to win — echoing from their mouths with each passing episode — maybe Jonas will be a silent success, a man of few words who sweeps in sans pomp and circumstance and takes the gold.

Nick Jonas recently took over The Voice’s Twitter, and one fan asked what his tactic would be for getting people to join his team; he responded with two words: “Charm and wit.” Will a little bit of charm and cleverness be enough to snag contestants attracted to Shelton’s winning streak? All remains to be seen, as Nick Jonas continued to let fans know during the Q&A. 

Nick Jonas explains that there will be a learning curve; however, he plans to bring everything he has got to the show. He stated:

I will certainly be giving it my best shot, but I’m the new guy so there will probably be a learning curve… and obviously some very tough competition. You’ll just have to wait and see I guess


Fingers crossed that Nick Jonas has what it takes to land a first-season win.