Why the Queen’s £100 Million Stamp Collection Is 1 of Her Most Important Assets

Who knew collecting stamps could be so lucrative? Queen Elizabeth reportedly owns a massive collection of stamps that are valued at over $100 million. The Queen is worth hundreds of millions herself, but her stamp collection is one of her most important assets. Here’s a look at why Queen Elizabeth’s stamps are so valuable, plus some of the other assets in her vast collection.

The Queen stamps
The Queen and Prince Philip are shown examples of stamps produced at the factory by MD Paul White | Richard Stonehouse – WPA Pool /Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s impressive stamp collection

Collecting stamps is one of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite hobbies. Her Majesty inherited a good portion of the collection from previous monarchs, though she has done a lot to bolster the holdings.

The Queen’s stamp collection is officially referred to as the Royal Philatelic Collection. Experts consider it to be one of the finest stamp collections in the world and it features stamps that date all the back to 1864.

According to The Sun, Queen Elizabeth adores the collection so much that she often shows it to people who visit Buckingham Palace. Although some of the stamps are on display, most of it is held inside an archive at St. James’s Palace.

“The Queen loves showing her stamp collection to visitors, say heads of state who stay at Buckingham Palace,” Phil Dampier, a royal expert, revealed.

One of the more valuable stamps in the collection is the Mauritian stamp, which is worth over $2 million. The stamp toured with Queen Elizabeth in 2002 as part of her Golden Jubilee.

This is why Her Majesty’s stamp collection is among her top assets

One of the reasons the stamp collection is among Queen Elizabeth’s most important assets is because it belongs to her, not the crown. Unlike other things in her collection, Queen Elizabeth outright owns the stamp collection and will likely pass it on to her descendants.

Her Majesty has sold a few of the stamps over the years, especially some of the more valuable duplicates. The money she has made selling the stamps has been invested into purchasing even rarer ones.

A few years ago, for example, Queen Elizabeth purchased a set of 10 Penny Blacks for over $250,000. The stamps date from 1840 and are very unique, even for Queen Elizabeth’s collection.

For those who want a chance to see some of Her Majesty’s favorite stamps, a portion of her collection will be on display in Finland later this year. The items are set to be included at Tampere’s Postal Museum at the Museum Centre Vapriikki.

How much is Queen Elizabeth worth?

Queen Elizabeth has no qualms about buying stamps, but she has gained a reputation for being quite frugal through the years. According to the Evening Standard, not only does she wear the same $8 nail varnish she did 30 years ago, but she also adores her $30 space heater.

“No one is tighter at spending than the Queen. She grew up during the war. Very disciplined,” Her Majesty’s former advisor Sir Evelyn de Rothschild explained.

The Queen’s frugal mindset has allowed her to build an incredible fortune over the years. In total, Queen Elizabeth is worth well over half a billion dollars. For comparison, the monarchy is valued at around $88 billion.

One of her most expensive hobbies, meanwhile, is horse racing. In the early 2000s, Queen Elizabeth was very active in the horse racing scene and spent over $600,000 to run her stables.

What other items are in the Queen’s personal collection?

Aside from stamps and horses, Queen Elizabeth has quite a few curious items in her personal collection. This includes over 200 Launer handbags, which she is rarely spotted without.

Queen Elizabeth also owns a set of dorgis. She acquired the pair following the passing of her last corgi in 2018. The dogs are a mix of corgi and dachshund and rarely leave her side.

When it comes to her real estate holdings, Elizabeth has six estates where she can rest her head. This includes Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyrood Palace, and Hillsborough Castle, all of which are owned by the crown. The two estates that are in the Queen’s personal possession are Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle.