Why the Royal Family Is Out of Their Mind If They’re Embarrassed By Prince Harry’s Lawsuit

Recently, Prince Harry has been on a mission to stop the media from invading his privacy and attacking his wife’s character. A few weeks ago, Meghan Markle decided to sue the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday after her husband issued a statement saying how upset he was that the publication had published a handwritten letter that the Duchess of Sussex had written to her father just before she and Prince Harry got married.

Not only is Duchess Meghan suing the popular tabloids for allegedly altering her personal letter to her father, but it was also recently announced that Prince Harry is going to be suing two other publications for allegedly invading his privacy. While Prince Harry is not the first royal to ever sue a global publication, there are several rumors that suggest that the royal family is embarrassed by the recent spectacle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are causing from their lawsuits.

So, is the royal family really upset about the recent lawsuits that Markle and Prince Harry have filed? And if so, is the family justified?

While Prince Harry and Markle’s recent legal action may be gaining some unwanted attention to the royal family, the duke and duchess’ actions are hardly the most embarrassing thing that has happened to the royal family lately.

Why is Prince Harry suing the tabloids?

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex during his visit to the Community Recording Studio in St Ann’s to mark World Mental Health Day
Prince Harry | Joe Giddens – WPA Pool/Getty Images

While Prince Harry and Markle were touring Africa, it was announced that the young prince had had enough of the media constantly trying to villainize his wife. In a letter that was made public, Prince Harry alleged that the media has continued to spread lies about his wife and had even edited a personal letter that Markle had written to her dad in order to make her look bad.

Prince Harry stated that he could no longer stand silently by and watch the media tear his wife down. He also said that the actions of the media could potentially be dangerous for Duchess Meghan.

“Through this action may not be the safe one, it is the right one,” Prince Harry said in the statement. “I’ve seen what happens when someone I love is commoditized to the point that they are no longer seen or treated as a real person.”

Not long after that letter was published, it was announced that Prince Harry would also be suing The Sun and Daily Mirror for allegedly gaining illegal access to his phone and private voicemails.

Is the royal family embarrassed by Prince Harry’s recent lawsuits?

While many people are proud of Prince Harry for standing up for himself and his wife, there are many sources that are claiming that the royal family is not impressed with the Duke of Sussex’s recent lawsuits. 

Cosmopolitan reports, citing Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer, the royal family does not support the lawsuits and is, in fact, quite embarrassed by Prince Harry’s recent actions against the tabloids. In a tweet, Palmer stated that the entire royal family is trying to distance themselves from Markle and Prince Harry. Palmer further claims that “even the couple’s aids seem embarrassed by their actions.”

Should the royal family be embarrassed by the lawsuits?

While we can see why the royal family may not want any of the negative attention that a lawsuit might bring, we have a hard time believing that they are actually embarrassed by it. Especially when you consider the controversy that is surrounding Prince Charles’ younger brother: Prince Andrew.

Earlier this year, multi-billionaire, Jeffery Epstein was charged with illegal sexual actions, including sex trafficking girls as young as 14 years old. While it has not been confirmed yet, there have been many speculations that Prince Andrew may have taken part in Epstein’s sick and illegal practices.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre linked Prince Andrew to Epstein’s inner circle. In a recent interview on Dateline, Giuffre alleged Prince Andrew first started abusing her when she was only seventeen years old and that Epstein “trafficked” her to Prince Andrew.

While Prince Andrew’s involvement in the illegal sex slave ring has not been confirmed, we would think that if the royal family was going to pick a family member to be embarrassed by, they would pick the one who was friends with a convicted sex offender, not the one who is trying to keep his wife safe.