Why the Twins from ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Don’t Talk to Their Father, Jon Gosselin

It was over 10 years ago when Jon and Kate Gosselin first stepped on to the reality TV scene. Fans recall keeping up with the Gosselin family, which included the couple, their set of twins, and their set of sextuplets, on Jon & Kate Plus 8 — but it wasn’t long before Jon and Kate decided their marriage just wasn’t working. And after a highly-publicized divorce and battle for custody over their many kids, it seems not all the children are on good terms with their father.

Here’s why the twins reportedly no longer speak to Jon, and which of the sextuplets seems to have the closest bond with him.

Kate reportedly has custody of all eight kids

Jon and Kate Gosselin's children
Jon and Kate Gosselin’s children | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

We know the divorce between Jon and Kate was messy — and the discussion of custody certainly came up. While Jon tried to have custody of the children, several news outlets reported Kate won. Today, she still reportedly maintains custody of the twins and sextuplets.

Generally speaking, the kids seemingly have no complaints with their mother being their primary caretaker, though there was talk that Jon may have won a more recent custody battle for Hannah, one of the sextuplets. While Hannah reportedly spends a lot of time with Jon, it seems Kate still has custody. As for the rest of the kids, they don’t see their father nearly as much as they used to.

Twins Mady and Cara say they purposely avoid their father

Mady Gosselin, Kate and Jon Gosselin's daughter
Mady Gosselin, Kate and Jon Gosselin’s daughter | Kate Gosselin via Instagram

The sextuples, who are only 14, have yet to speak to the media about their parents — but the now 18-year-old twins, Mady and Cara, have opinions regarding their father that they haven’t held back on.

When Mady and Cara were in their early teens, they made the decision to no longer visit their father. And People talked to Mady and Cara back in 2016 about their feelings toward Jon, and they still weren’t positive. Cara was more reserved in her approach to the interview, saying she “wouldn’t even know what to say” about her father — but Mady had more insight. She claimed their father “doesn’t even know us” and warned, “He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

Additionally, Mady wanted to dispel any rumors that stated Kate was the one keeping the twins from seeing Jon. Instead, Daily Mail reports Mady explained in 2016, “This year I’m going to turn 16. I’m going to be learning to drive, taking the PSATs, thinking about college … so much is going on in my life. And the last thing I have time for is a toxic relationship.”

Jon says he’s ‘very upset’ that he doesn’t see the twins

Jon Gosselin with his son and daughter
Jon Gosselin with his son, Collin, and daughter, Hannah | Jon Gosselin via Instagram

As for how Jon feels about the situation, Entertainment Tonight reports he was “very upset” back in 2016. “I love my children very much. I’ve always been there for them and I always will be. It’s shocking,” he added.

Jon has also gone in for interviews and candidly discussed how he fears Kate pinned his own children against him. He explained to Entertainment Tonight that the kids all used to come to his house when they were kids, but once Mady and Cara reached 12-13 years old, they stopped coming. “I didn’t question it. I was just like, ‘Hey, do what you want. Be with your friends,’ and then it just became, ‘They’re not coming,’” Jon explained. “It felt like she was segregating me from him,” he also said.

As stated before, Mady and Cara have attempted to dispel that rumor. But it seems even after several years have passed since those interviews, Jon and his twins still aren’t on good terms.

Jon maintains close relations with one of the sextuplets, however

Jon may not have a close relationship with Mady and Cara anymore, but according to E! News, he was seeking custody over Hannah, one of the sextuplets. Jon shares family photos with Hannah all the time, as she reportedly lives with her father instead of her mother. As for why she’s in Jon’s care, the publication says Hannah didn’t feel comfortable living with Kate and enjoys the company of her father much more.

Will Jon get full custody of Hannah? While news outlets said he was trying, People maintains Kate still has all the kids. We’ll have to see if Jon can mend his relationships with his other kids, too.

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