Why Do ‘The View’ Fans Prefer Conservatives Abby Huntsman and Ana Navarro To Meghan McCain?

The View prides itself on being a politically unbiased show. With five female co-hosts, the show has political opinions that stretch from as liberal as Joy Behar to as conservative as Meghan McCain. But the two conservative women, McCain and co-host Abby Huntsman, along with fill-in Ana Navarro, all seem to rank very differently among the public; why do people like Huntsman and Navarro more than they like McCain?

'The View' cohosts
‘The View’ cohosts Whoopi Goldberg, Abby Huntsman, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Meghan McCain | Heidi Gutman/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

People have accused McCain of riding on her father’s famous coattails

McCain’s father, late senator John McCain, may have played a role in his daughter’s fame. People have accused the co-host of only being famous because her father was famous and suggesting that she didn’t climb the ladder herself the way the other co-hosts did. (People say the same about Huntsman as well.) While McCain does get points from democrats for being extremely anti-trump, not everyone was a fan of her father’s politics, so being tied to his name might be hurting her when it comes to the show’s viewers. Plus, McCain’s attitude during certain political discussions on the show doesn’t win with fans, either.   

Fans of the show complain that McCain’s attitude hinders the experience

There have been several times when McCain has let her attitude get the best of her. While she may be knowledgeable, she doesn’t always present herself that way. Often times McCain gets in heated discussions with other members of The View’s panel, and she shows a side of her that fans of the show don’t love to see. Her mini meltdowns often occur during the political discussions on the show. She also tends to complain when she doesn’t get enough time to speak her mind. She sarcastically asks permission to get the chance to speak if she feels she hasn’t been included in the discussion. Earlier this week, moderator Whoopi Goldberg called her out on falsely presenting the idea that the other women weren’t giving her ample time to talk.

“Gather her Whoopi because Meghan is out of control,” one user tweeted while watching June 10’s show. “Meghan McCain is an entitled snot,” another posted on Twitter. Podcast host Susie Meister tweeted earlier in the week, “Meghan McCain seems like the kind of person who takes baby shower games seriously.” Others users tweeted that McCain appears to take everything offensively and constantly has an extremely defensive front up during the show. Those mannerisms are why viewers have grown to dislike the co-host.

Huntsman and Navarro present themselves with poise and class — but fans still disagree with their views

Huntsman is the show’s other conservative, and she isn’t talked about nearly as much as McCain. It’s probably because people don’t have as many negative things to say about her. Huntsman received congratulations from various media outlets for the recent birth of her twins. While people still dislike Huntsman’s political views, she doesn’t get nearly as much flack as McCain because she doesn’t get defensive or cop an attitude the way McCain does. Fans also appear to like Ana Navarro, a conservative who often fills in on the show. Navarro is a republican but does her best to put herself in other’s shoes during political discussions. Disagreeing with someone’s political views is one thing, and that seems to be an issue for both women based on the show’s fan base. But character matters as well, and people seem to feel that Huntsman and Navarro both have a better character than McCain.

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