Why Things Are Awkwardly Tense Between Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid

Are Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid enemies? Both women dated The Weekend, but just dating the same guy shouldn’t be enough to make two people hate each other. Or maybe it is enough, at least it’s looking like Hadid thinks so. 

Some recent Instagram drama has caught the attention of fans. It looks like Hadid may be angry at Gomez, although Gomez doesn’t feel the same way. So what happened between these two? 

Bella Hadid deleted an Instagram post

Close up view of Bella Hadid at a photocall event
Bella Hadid | Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Fans were following Hadid and Gomez’s Instagram activity closely, since Gomez just recently started following Hadid again earlier this month. The two unfollowed each other in 2017, when Gomez started dating Hadid’s ex

So fans saw when Gomez commented “Stunning” on a picture of Hadid looking at herself in the mirror, and added a heart eyes emoji. She also liked the pic, and fans were happy at the thought that these two could become friends.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like things are going that way. Hadid deleted the picture, comment and all, and fans think she did it to spite Gomez. 

A subsequent post from a fan pointed out what Hadid had done, and Gomez replied “That sucks.” She included a crying face emoji. 

Their timeline with The Weekend

Hadid started dating The Weekend in May 2015. The model was 19 at the time, and The Weekend was 24. Despite their age difference, things seemed like they were going smoothly for the young couple. They even attended the 2016 Met Gala together. Then, in November 2016, they split up. 

Just a few months later, The Weekend was seen out and about with Gomez. Both had just broken up with long term partners. The Weekend had just ended his relationship with Hadid, and Gomez had split from her on-again off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber. By January 2017, Gomez and The Weekend were official, and Gomez and Hadid had unfollowed one another on Instagram. That year, Gomez and The Weekend would attend the Met Gala together. 

Gomez and The Weekend would only last 10 months. Their busy schedules got in the way of their relationship, and they parted as friends. When they broke up, The Weekend got back together with Hadid, and Gomez got back with Bieber. Neither reunion would last long. 

Bieber and Gomez would split up for good in 2018. Bieber is now married to Hailey Baldwin. The Weekend and Hadid also split in 2018, both citing their busy schedules as the reason for breaking up. 

Were Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez ever close?

Given the fact that neither of these women dated The Weekend at the same time, it would seem silly for Hadid to be mad over Gomez’s relationship with her ex. She had to know he would move on, and she can’t blame Gomez for taking an interest in an available and eligible bachelor.

After all, The Weekend and Gomez have a lot in common, possibly more than The Weekend and Hadid. Both Gomez and her ex are entertainers, and share an interest in music. Hadid is a model, and while she and The Weekend are both famous, their work is very different.

Hadid and Gomez may have known each other before both started dating The Weekend, but they weren’t close, at least according to insiders close to Gomez. They note that Gomez “knows them [the Hadid sisters] through other people, but they are just acquaintances. She is friendly with them, but not friends with them.”

Given that, it seems strange that Hadid would care enough to delete an Instagram post just because Gomez commented on it. Maybe she just didn’t like the picture, but it seems like Gomez think it’s personal.